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It is time to “throw out the baby with the bath water”…

When, in the course of human events…

Occasionally, in the “course of human events”, whether in the construction of an invention, widget X, or even governments “among men”, a time-out must be called and all must return back to the drawing table for a “do-over”. Sometimes this is done by volition or by force, as in the separation from England. As a female in transition (FIT for short), it has become crystal clear that this is such a time for others in transition or post-transition. When terminology becomes hijacked, blurred, in fact so obfuscated that it is defined differently by each person then it ceases to hold any value for discussion whether orally, visually, or in writing. In short “an apple is an orange is a lemon” ceases to hold any value for purposes of communication. When communication fails, then we have what amounts to a modern “tower of babel”. This is what has happened here. It is so severe that I am unable to even use the word “community” as the definition for such now apparently includes those who engage in recreational gender expression.

This happened to me…nay…it happened to all of us…

I was not discriminated by Victor V _ _ _ ey Hospital last year (2010) for recreational gender expression. As a newly hired security officer, despite my ID gender as F, my security supervisor had “interviewers remorse” once he discovered I was a (FIT). His sudden “concern” for my “safety” and those of my coworkers told me the rationalization for declaring me “un-(FIT)”, for the position had begun. Indeed his acceptance of a false complaint did indeed begin the slippery slope that did result in my job “separation”. Despite this occurring in a “gender-protected” state (CA)—no transgender support group cared enough to challenge this. The statue of limitations has passed and Victor V_ _ _ey Hospital got away with this overt discrimination against myself and the rest of us.

Not from anger but from fact, I have absolutely zero faith in ANY so-called “transgender” support group anywhere coast to coast—period. Zero. Why? Because when overt discrimination occurs against one of us, it is against ALL of us. At the very least they should have “knocked” on the hospital doors and made an inquiry. My only option now is to publicize this anywhere and everywhere I can. No, this is not “whining”. Whining is when “you don’t get your way”…like a child. This is to publicize the high and ILLEGAL cost of a perfectly LEGAL gender transition by the clever use of phobic persons who without valid reason, UTILIZE euphemisms to deprive an employee of employment. In this “great” country of ours, in 2010, having allowed this to stand means in essence that our troops are dying in vain. It means my 6 years military honorable service was in vain. In short, the “greatest country in the world” must live up to this claim, not just use it as patriotic “hyperbole”. Discrimination for WHATEVER reason is a “third-world” common occurrence—is the most Un-American thing a person can do.

However, this is not about me. My story is to serve as an example to demonstrate that if one of us (as I was) can be treated with dignity in one place (HPMC hospital) and treated with civillily illegal disdain at another (V_CH hospital) so much so that I am deprived of the right to employment after being hired, especially in a “gender-protected” state, we are in serious cataclysmic trouble. And indeed we are. Despite gains here and there, attempts are made elsewhere to rewind past successes.

So long LGB!….luv you but time to bid farewell…

Many adore the LGBT union. I am not one of them. I love my LGB brethren and sisters, but I also love everyone else also. Not enough unity or too much unity are equally non-productive. This is what has legislatively occurred with the LGBT union. I know I am not the only one who sees this. I know many of you also disagree. The acid test is the following: if 100% of the objectives of the LGB are met, will there be other objectives specific to the “T”? Yes! Of course we have gender-specific objectives! Why then the alliance? Maybe someone can convince me but so far I haven’t been convinced.

I am trans…no…I am…gender what?…who am I?…how dare you call me that! we are in 2011. Unable to define “community”, “transgender’, or “transsexual”. Until these terms are clearly defined by a united “T-only” body of some sort…not by some paper tiger transgender/transsexual “support group”…we will be unable to communicate clearly to others the following: (1) who we are, (2) who we are NOT (3) what objectives we seek, (4) what objectives we don’t seek, and last but most important (5) the attainment of credibility so crucial to achieving our objectives, namely the rights accorded to ALL persons promised long long ago by our founding fathers. Recreational gender expression, regardless of name (CD, transvestite, etc.) does not only NOT give us credibility but it tarnishes any credibilty a FIT might have.

The founding fathers were all white “straight” men. Everyone else from our nation’s founding has had to fight for basic human rights that were promised by them in historical documents. We are engaged in such a struggle, a struggle that will probably continue for the next 150 years. So I say, let’s get busy with defining the terms, unifying the body, setting an agenda, and moving forward. Without a foundation, the structure turns into rubble. By accident or design, our foundation has crumbled and our “structure” is turning to rubble. Time for a “do-over”, if you ask me.


The time is now. It is time to make our own declarations. I propose that we all do the following. Time to separate fact from fiction, true from untrue, credible from non-credible, recreational from serious. It is time to go beyond written opinion. We can debate this issue until we turn blue. We all know that there are different camps. Our civil rights must not be impeded by those who wish to be John on Monday, and Jane on Tuesday. Fighting this fight is putting the cart before the horse. Only until the legal fight for the right for John to become Jane PERMANENTLY can the fight for John to become Jane TEMPORARILY even stand a chance of winning (provided unisex restrooms are the norm). This is not about hating anyone. Its about the grade school lesson of “sets”. Sets and subsets. Grouping like objects/persons together. Fruit in one category, produce in another, tools over there, etc. Not all objects/persons belong in the same group—not then and not now…emphatically no.

I challenge each and every one of you to make your declaration…publicly…

(your declaration will vary)

I voluntarily declare the following: I was diagnosed with “gender dysphoria”. I declare that I am under a doctor’s care for hormones. I declare that my gender marker has now changed. I declare that my “OP” status is as private as my private parts. I declare that no one should be compelled to reveal “OP” status except on a need-to-know basis, here or anywhere. I declare that I am NOT a CD, transvestite, recreational gender expressionist or part of any such subset. I declare that I find nothing wrong with recreational gender expression. I declare that full-time gender expression is not recreational gender expression. I declare that I am aware of those who are in sex/gender transition but for health reason unable to pursue HRT, and that they are to be distinguished from recreational gender expressionists. Finally, I declare my allegiance as a patriotic American; that my voluntary military service was not just for self but for all citizens—-transgender/sexual or not. I have made my stand. Will you declare yours?