And The Boys Try To Look So Hard…

In light of the sad passing of Clarence Clemons…

Although I am a  fan of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, I seem to lack the emotional connection  that others of my generation have for them. In all likelihood this is due to the fact that I didn’t grow up in a gritty blue collar urban working man small town and/or big city Friday-got-my-paycheck gonna-go-racing-in-the streets milieu. Let’s just say that my youth was more Big Wednesday than Mean Streets and leave it at that.

Having said that, I can understand the attachment many have for the early Springsteen songs about desperate living, ill-fated romances, and broken dreams in an urban tableau that reflects their own rites of passage.

And then there is Luke Russert.

The St. Albans/Boston College educated Luke (whose “blue collar” father went from being Sen. Patrick Moynihan’s Chief of Staff to Mario Cuomo’s counsel to hosting Meet the Press during Luke’s life)  landed a pretty sweet gig covering national politics on NBC News by leapfrogging established dues-paying journalists by virtue of his name and his father’s tragic death. So, what does that have to do with Bruce Springsteen?

According to Luke’s Twitter bio:

“sweating it out”? Since birth?

Legacy-hire, please…

Guy makes Megan McArdle look like Ragged Dick.

Also, too. Luke quote:

Russert says. “The news media is a results-oriented business. I don’t think a company like NBC would pay me if I wasn’t qualified and wasn’t able to produce on this level…

Obviously he has yet to be introduced to David Gregory…

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