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Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem rally program unveiled

TV star’s solidarity event is expected to draw thousands of Israelis, Americans with music, pyrotechnics. Sarah Palin, republican presidential candidates set to drop by

Tens of thousands of excited Israelis and Americans, music performances, appearances by local and international celebrities, senior politicians and a live broadcast that will reach millions of viewers – this is just some of what is in store for Glenn Beck’s upcoming rally “to restore courage,” which is set to take place on August 24 in Jerusalem. […]

…This year, the Wailing Wall will replace Lincoln Memorial as the backdrop for the event, which will take place at Jerusalem’s Old City and the Teddy Stadium simultaneously.

The multi-million dollar production is expected to be attended by a convoy of American dignitaries, including former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. US Senator Joe Lieberman, a independent, and Republicans Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman are to join Beck at the rally as well…

As +972’s Ami Kaufman wrote: Glenn Beck, do me a favor: Don’t come to Israel… Indeedy…!


Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem Rally: GOP Presidential Candidates Not Planning To Attend, Despite Report

…Yet despite the report that Beck’s rally is set to draw a ‘who’s who’ among the Republican presidential field, those named don’t seem to have plans to attend.

Joe DeSantis, one of the few remaining Gingrich aides, wrote in an email to The Huffington Post that the former speaker “has not said he is coming.”

Andrea Saul, a spokesperson for Romney, said that “he is not planning to attend.”

Huckabee, in a tweet, said he was “not headed to Israel” for the rally but would “be there in February” for a separate group trip.

And a spokesperson for the rally told The Huffington Post that those candidates aren’t locked in for a simple reason: They haven’t been asked. […]

Still, there could be at least one 2012 contender at the Jerusalem rally. Herman Cain, the former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza who is now running for president, said last week that he plans to attend.

A request for comment from Bachmann’s office was not immediately returned…

Wapoo’s Dana Milbank questions Holy Joe’s ‘participation’…

Joe Lieberman joining Glenn Beck: a shanda

…It turned out that much of the report was wrong. The three candidates quickly said they had no such plans – a sensible decision. Beck’s hateful shtick encouraged even Fox News to end his show later this month. But, incredibly, another piece of the report was true. “I’d love to participate,” Lieberman confirmed when The Post’s Felicia Sonmez found him in a Capitol hallway. “It’s just going to be a rally to support Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship.”

This nearly caused me to plotz. […]

…When I spoke to Lieberman, he sounded less definite. “Am I going to go? I don’t know,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of other things going on.” I hope he finds something else to do on Aug. 24. As he approaches his Senate retirement, it would spare him a shameful end to a dignified career.

Lieberman, who knew Beck back when he was a morning DJ in New Haven, may have missed some of the broadcaster’s recent feats: hosting a guest on his show who describes as “accurate” the anti-Semitic tract “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”; likening Reform rabbis to “radicalized Islam”; calling Holocaust survivor George Soros a “puppet master,” a bloodsucker and a Nazi collaborator; touting the work of a Nazi sympathizer who referred to Eisenhower as “Ike the Kike”; and claiming the Jews killed Jesus.

“Obviously,” Lieberman said after I presented some of this to him, “that’s troubling stuff.”

Since when has HoJo ever been ‘troubled’…? They’re both Putzes, too…!

Anyways, in other I/P news of real import…

Gaza flotilla organizers disappointed by Turkish group’s decision to cancel ship

Flotilla organizers hold urgent consultations following IHH announcement that Mavi Marmara won’t sail to Gaza; five to eight ships expected to take part in flotilla later this month.

We’re back to square one…

Report: US presents Israel, PA with plan for ‘proximity steps’

US special Middle East envoy David Hale presented Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with an American proposal to initiate “proximity steps” between Israel and the Palestinians, al-Jazeera reported on Saturday.

According to the report, during their meeting in Jordan on Friday, Hale said the United States was waiting for Israel’s answer on the matter…

You want an answer…?

FM: We will revoke Oslo deal if PA makes UN move

…Israel’s foreign minster told Ashton that a unilateral Palestinian move at the UN would violate all prior agreements between the two sides, and that Israel will no longer see itself committed to any of the agreements signed with the Palestinians in the past 18 years.

Lieberman went on to say that the position taken by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas meant there was zero chance of restarting the talks. He accused the head of the Palestinian Authority of being interested not in an agreement but in a conflict with Israel, and said this was a personal interest of Abbas, contrary to the Palestinian national interest and the objections of many PA officials. He said Israel was prepared to return to negotiations at any moment, and that the ball was in the Palestinians’ court…

Meanwhile, the Occupation goes on and on…

But wait, there’s a bright side…

Barak: Palestinians shouldn’t mind WB construction

Defense minister says settlement construction cannot fully stop due to ‘reality, natural population growth,’ but states ‘Palestinians shouldn’t care – they’ll get any house built on lands they get in talks’