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Well, today is the day two of the leaders in Washington get together and play the rich’s man’s game for all the nation to see.  If either of them had even one iota of sensitivity they would have found a different venue to discuss their differences, [For example, how about one of the closed schools or factories in Detroit, a city whose poverty rate is at 36%. Both of these jackasses should take note that the poverty rate of Egypt was only at 23% and they had a revolution.] A golf game is the perfect metaphor to illustrate just exactly how much neither of these two multi-milionaires give a damn about the majority.  They are clueless.

“Six months in the making, a much anticipated golf game between two of the world’s most powerful people will unfold on a military base whose location was a closely guarded secret as tee time approached Saturday.

The big question was not who would win or lose. Instead it was whether 18 holes of golf could possibly give President Barack Obama  and House Speaker  John Boehner  enough time to hash out their substantial policy differences on everything from the debt to U.S. military involvement in Libya.  . . ”    Read more at SEATTLE PI


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As far as I’m concerned, there is no “big question.”  Even if Obama could win, he would let Boehner win. Anyone who has been paying any attention for the past two years knows that.  Besides, the two are are more in agreement with one another than they are with the majority of the American people. Are you kidding?  You don’t believe me?  Look at the increases in the net worths of these two men over the past two years (2009 and 2010) and look at yours.

If there is any “disagreement” between the two men, its a small degree of separation:  Boehner wants to take the entire cake while Obama is willing to leave the American people a few crumbs.


Run for office!  And for goodness sake, let’s find a real candidate for President of the USA!  In the meantime, here’s a pie for the pieholes of these two phonies.  May they enjoy their just desserts.


Another, more local to where I live, example of how clueless the rich are regarding how the other 90% live:

In the summer of 2010, the city of Plano, Texas gave the property they owned where the city’s only black community center was located to a private organization.  Republicans and Corporate Centrist Democrats are really big on giving away property that is owned by the people–it’s part of their economic ideology called “privatization.”

They gave away a community center and then what did they do a few days later?  They allocated $7 million dollars for the improvement of public golf courses.

Think about it a minute.  What percentage of people do you think play golf?  If you think the black people whose community center was closed are not going to be paying their taxes for others to play golf–you are very wrong.  Are you getting the picture yet regarding the priorities of the rich?  If not, open your eyes to how the leadership in your community is spending your tax money.

File this one under “Class War”.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry