Okay, so I got the call from the Urology Case Manager first thing Thursday morning. I ignored it, and let it go to voice mail while I waited to hear back from the Discharge social worker. She was unable to come up with any solutions for me, when I finally got the bright idea to ask some brand new friends I’d just recently made. If that failed, then I’ve been going to a group at the Family Health Center and I’d try the facilitators and case managers there to help me out.As it turns out, the young couple who are the brand new friends were more than willing to help me out!! I called the Case Manager and let her know that I had a person who would be coming to pick me up, and that was the end of that… except ASU forgot to send me down to the lab for some blood work. CRAP!!

I rush out to the VA and get there just a little past 3pm, get my blood drawn and voila! I’m done with the hoops, or so I hope. I called the Urology Case Manager one more time, let her know I was done with having my labs drawn and ask “is there anything else that has to be done?” “No, that was it.” “So, everything is good and my appointment has NOT been cancelled?” “Correct. We will call you with your check-in time tomorrow (Friday).”

Awesomesauce mixed with amazing!!

About a quarter to 3 on Friday (yesterday) I get the call: Monday morning, 6am is my check-in time for an 8am surgery!! oh wait… didn’t they say that you’re supposed to check in 2 hours prior to surgery? I called just to make sure, I would have hated to arrive at 6am and actually be required to have been there at 4am! Yanno?

Nope, 6am is the firm time!

So now… I’m just counting the hours down until I need to leave. Excitement and nervousness rising! =)