Chicken Tandoori (photo: kspoddar)

For Father’s Day, I’m taking Paul to an Indian restaurant in Media, PA for dinner. He loooooves Indian food. I will eat before we go and maybe have a cup of tea or something while we’re there. Paul’s children all live in California these days, so I’ll be the one helping him to celebrate Father’s Day.

Both of my parents have died since Paul and I have known each other. His father died before I knew him and his mother died a few years ago… she had emphysema. So, we have no parents to celebrate on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. My mother died younger than I am now and my father was 73… he died just before we invaded Iraq. He had been in the Air Force for more than 20 years and I still wonder what he would have thought about that invasion.

Apparently, there was quite a bit of politics involved in getting fathers recognized, as well as mothers.

What are you doing for Father’s Day? Anything special… dinner or brunch? Maybe a movie? We might do that, too, since I have budgeted enough money for both. If we go to a movie, I might eat some butterless popcorn or some raisinettes. What are your plans?