For those of you who may be interested in the Decorah Bald Eagles, they are expected to fledge any time between now and June 25.

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From the site:

RRP hopes to band these juvies and place a satellite transmitter on one of them. The juvies will be captured on the ground a couple of weeks after they fledge. The small band with its identifying color and number goes around one of the ankles and does not bother or endanger the bird. The transmitter is mounted loosely and comfortably like a tiny backpack, and it does not interfere with flight or with head or neck movement. The process takes just a few minutes and does not frighten or harm the birds. It is possible to take measurements of the juvies as they are banded to determine their sex. Banding eventually gives researchers information on how far the bird has flown from its birth nest once it has died or is found injured; the band might also be spotted during feeding, nesting, or migrating and thus can be useful in tracking the eagle’s movements. The transmitter will allow researchers to track the juvie regularly via GPS and will yield invaluable information on its behavior. The transmitter is designed to fall off after a few years. Banding and placing the transmitter will be done by Bob Anderson, Director of RRP, and other raptor experts who have banded many birds before and who always follow the safest protocols, and who will have obtained the required permits to do so.

These birds are exploring the far reaches of the branches right now.