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News from Bizarro World: If the NRA Were Like the AARP

Photo credit: pasukaru76

Photo credit: pasukaru76

In today’s Bizarro WSJ (subscription):

The NRA, the powerful lobbying group for American gun owners, is dropping its longstanding opposition to gun control, a move that could rock Washington’s debate over violent crime.

The decision, which the NRA hasn’t discussed publicly, came after a wrenching debate inside the organization. In 2004, the last time gun control was debated, the NRA led the effort to kill Democrats’ efforts to extend the Assault Weapons Ban. The NRA now has concluded that change is inevitable, and it wants to be at the table to try to minimize the pain.

“The ship was sailing. I wanted to be at the wheel when that happens,” said Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s long-time Executive Vice President and a prime mover behind its change of heart.

Which is odd, because the Bizarro Republicans insist that nothing is sailing, with the head of the Bizarro RNC stating flatly, “I will tell you that gun control is not on the table.  It’s not on the table for me and it’s not on the table for our party in the House.”

Meanwhile, stung by conservative backlash, the Bizarro NRA issued a clarification, explaining that while it has always opposed gun control as a means of rolling back constitutional rights, it fully supports it as a means of strengthening gun ownership, just so long as it’s implemented gradually: “It has also been a long held position that any changes would be phased in slowly, over time, and would not affect any current or near term gun owners.”

On Bizarro World, this am called Epic Advocacy Win!

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