Thumbnail link to LGBT Weekly's homepageMy latest published piece that I wrote for LGBT Weekly‘s Trans Progressive column is entitled It’s Been A Pretty Good Year So Far For Transgender People. From the opening paragraphs:

In the big picture of basic civil rights for transgender Americans, 2011 has to this point been a good year for civil rights progress. Sometimes I know it’s hard to focus on what’s been accomplished when we also see what hasn’t yet been accomplished, or see backward steps, but for trans people we’ve seen more civil rights gains than losses.

To begin with, three states have added antidiscrimination protections based on gender identity to their lists of protected classes for antidiscrimination legislation…

I then list the states that have added antidiscrimination protections based on gender identity this year (Nevada, Connecticut, and Hawaii), as well mentioning the changes in regulatory policy that the Obama Administration’s Veterans Administration and Office of Personal Management have instituted based on gender identity.

And too, the effort in Maine to withdraw civil rights for trans people was beaten back — trans civil rights protections are still in place in that state when it looked like those protections might have been lost.

It’s easy to forget, when thinking about the legislative losses and setbacks towards trans civil rights we’ve seen in the past six months, that we’ve seen significant progress forward towards trans civil rights in just the first six months of this year.

It really has been a pretty good year so far for transgender community and the community’s civil rights…towards the ordinary equality of trans community’s members.

Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen

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