(I rewrote the words from the radio broadcast a little bit.)

“Fighting for his political life, Prime Minister George Papandreou made new appointments to his cabinet in answer to the third massive citizen protests in Greece, police with teargas and batons battling activists who are objecting to decreased wages, massive unemployment and the sale of state assets to private concerns and other austerity programs hoping to stem the tide toward default.

Similar actions are underway in several US states as they face decreasing revenues; some Republican Governors are under fire by citizen groups.

In financial news, markets are in turmoil fearing that there will be global ramifications for a Greek debt default.

News from the Fukujima Nuclear power plants is increasing grim; officials have now admitted that nuclear fuel has melted through the base of reactor containment vessels and is now filling the containment vessels in what is now considered to be “far worse than a core meltdown.”

In Israel today, Prime Minister Binyamin Netenyahu was quoted as stating, “There is no solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”   President Barack Obama has signaled that the US will veto any moves for Palestine to declare itself a state at the UN in September.

FBI probes into terrorism are rapidly expanding into labor and peace organizations and activists, concentrated for now in the Midwest.  Search warrants indicate they are searching for documents showing the citizens are ‘providing material support for terrorist organizations’.  Many of the activists targeted are allegedly those critical of US foreign policy concerning Venezuela and the Palestinians.

Wikileaks defender David House appeared before a Federal Grand Jury today where he was warned by prosecutors not to take notes; House declined to answer questions beyond giving his name and birth date, then asserting his Fifth Amendment rights to all others.  His scribbled notes were taken from him as he left the witness stand.

The Justice Department is rumored to be trying to discover evidence of a link between imprisoned Wikileaker Private Bradley Manning and Wikileaks head Julian Assange, who is under house arrest pending deportation to Sweden where he may face arrest charges for rape.

In Washington the mood was tense at House hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in the US and American prisons. Representative Peter King today stood behind his claim that the White House had called him and urged him to proceed.  In other news the FBI has announced that it is partnering with Jewish organizations, asking them to be their eyes and ears on the ground and to report to them any suspicious activity they might notice.

Congressional in-fighting continues over austerity budget cuts will allow the national debt ceiling to be raised; Fed Chair Ben Bernanke warned that severe cut-backs in government spending could deepen the fragile economic recovery.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced the creation of a revised manual that will allow agents greater latitude in identifying threats to the Homeland.

The Obama administration has issued a thirty page paper to Congress demonstrating that the US’s mission in Libya is in compliance with The War Powers Act of 1973, and that our involvement does not meet the threshold of either ‘War’ or ‘Hostilities’.  In answer to a reporter’s question on the matter, Press Secretary Jay Carney announced that the President has warned those questioning the matter that “we believe that it’s important for Congress not to send mixed messages about a goal that we think most members of Congress share”.

Insiders say that Generals Petraeus and Gates have given the President an array of choices and possible outcomes for troop draw-downs in Afghanistan by July; both are on record having announced that there has been “meaningful but extremely fragile progress” in the war.

At the Netroots nation gathering today in Minneapolis, White House Communications Czar Dan Pfeiffer told those assembled that the White House is frustrated by critics on the left, and said, “”We can either work together and finish that work that we started in 2008 or we can be relegated back to the sidelines and see what a Republican president … does to this country.”

The Unknown Blogger from the organization Peace and Prosperity for People, sporting her trademark grocery bag with cut-out eye and mouth holes over her head announced: “The greatest single weapon working against the US is the Democrats, liberal or otherwise, who refuse to hold this President accountable to ordinary Americans and Constitutional law, and continues to allow the continual high-jacking of our financial futures in order to prop up Wall Street banks.”

Sleep in heavenly peace.

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