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Is this how they were brought down?

I’ve been wondering this regarding the long declines of India and the Muslim world after reading the nonsense coming out of Repug mouths and mirrored from the Obama administration. I’ve always wondered how they could be so advanced and fall so far. India alone was in a 1,000 year decline until 1947, from 30% of world GDP to 1%. I mean, both were pinnacles of achievement and technology 1,000 years ago. Both seemed to reach a point in which a strange minority of their population decided the best days were in the past and that no further development should occur. In fact further development became an affront to God, especially in the case of the Muslims. Now we have people make believing there is no Climate Change, tax cuts increase revenue, spending cuts increase economic growth, cutting regulations on out of control financial interests is somehow smart, their “gut” counts for more than science, and the list goes on. No matter how much history or fact proves otherwise they’ve decided to make-believe these things. No matter how clear it is that loose regulation and tax cuts led to the Financial Collapse they are still prescribing this nonsense as the cure-all. When it fails miserably again, I’m sure we’ll be told it was some kind of failing within us not the theory. Much like the foolish excuses for the failure of Communism, the failure is never the theory it is always the people not correctly following it. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle where every subsequent decline is because of a lack of orthodoxy to the idea, not because the idea itself is folly. Anyway, that’s just a thought I had.

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