Thursday Night Basset Blogging

I thought I would combine Thursday Night Basset blogging with the obligatory Fenway update mainly because there is little to say about Fenway other than he is doing very well, and you would be hard-pressed to believe that he was as sick as he was a week ago.  Other than looking thinner than usual, he’s back to eating normally, going for walks, and, unfortunately trying to hump Wembley when he feels ‘frisky’. This will stop after he gets ‘tutored’ sometime in mid July.

Here he is looking through the window this morning at Brady the Cairn terrier who lives across the alley .

As for Wembley, he’s been packing on the pounds lately and we’ve been calling him Wem-Belly as a homage to Isabelle “Isa-Belly” Hodes on Weeds.


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