None of are free until all of us are free” (MLK).  This is why I am ambivalent about Wiener, Maddow,  Grayson and  Jon Stewart  overlooking   Israel’s  Apartheid  stance  toward Palestinian people.

What if (in an alternate reality) there was a Rep. from the South who was pro-slavery (in this reality slavery was still a reality). This Representative (lets call him “Beauregard Hogwash”) is a progressive on very other issue: health care, regulation of Wall Street, the environment… But on the subject of human slavery Rep. Hogwash is a firm believer in institutionalized human slavery. Is he still a Liberal? And, should we hold our noses ( and tongues) and work with him?


Yes, Yes I realize that Hogwash looks a lot like a “good Jewish boy”  name Cantor in our reality but one must take into account inter dimensional shift and paradoxical redoubling effects.