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Polite punks, pitiful *pussycats

(*Admit it: You were waiting for me to say “pussies”…)

We need to pay close attention to the important transaction that just occurred in Greece.  The voting behavior of the people’s designated representatives was materially shifted, because the people got seriously rude with their representatives.

Likewise, the Tea Partiers, manipulated and stage managed though they were, materially shifted the voting behavior of their representatives.

A subtext of the Greece and Ireland story is that the banks believe (Praise Jesus, it would seem overoptimistically…) that there is no shit we will not eat. The metacommunication of their pusback here  on regulation after raping the economy says they think that we are hopeless punks.

That said, so far the US Powers that Be are batting .950 against the working class here at home.

Part of the reason, maybe the largest part of the reason.  We are too fuckin’ polite.

What we have here is a failure to communicate… We need to be out in the streets.

The DFH’s have been played by ref-working running dogs of capitalism, just like the media gets played into bending over backwards on the “liberal bias” meme.

Like Jane says: Veal.  (young, tender, tasty-no horns.)

Class war, y’all.  October  6 in DC.

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