First it was stabilizing the Financial markets, then it was extending the GWB tax cuts, then cumbersome government regulations, then it was “Uncertainty”. Now the problem with job creation is automation (“kiosk and ATM’s” – Obama), productivity, and unqualified workers that are preventing the economy from growing. Next it will be foreign profits trapped offshore. And if we capitulate to those Conservative demands, it will be the debt or deficits that are holding back the economy. Oh, I forgot about Al Qaeda and the radical Islamic terrorist’s strangle hold on jobs. At some point, those excuses must end. Right? No. Then we start all over again with taxes…

Maybe it’s 30 years of wealth redistribution, 20 years of exporting middles class jobs, and 25 years of cheap illegal labor depressing middle class wages. Regardless of political opinions, economic activity depends on the law of Supply and Demand, everything else is explaining, understanding, and manipulating Supply and Demand. Demand depends on people’s ability to buy goods and services. 90% of America’s wealth is controlled by 10% of the population, and the top 10% can’t sustain the American economy, support the social safety-net, and finance Right Wing Wars. Moreover, if we’ve crossed the Tipping Point where the economy can’t self sustain and the political elites (top 10%) refuse to make the necessary changes to revive the economy, we aren’t Greece or Ireland, we are Rome 476 AD, and the problem is structural not cyclical. Obama’s Trickle Down stimuli have been focused on a cyclical recession, but we are in a structural “recession”.

Now the top 10% is attacking the social safety-net created during the last Liberal Enlightenment Period (1933-1968). Until government policies (trade, labor laws, taxes) encourage businesses to pay decent wages to middle class Americans, Demand will continue to decline. Business don’t create jobs because of tax cuts, cash reserves, or profits. Even profitable businesses strive for the highest profits at lowest cost (equipment, labor, overhead). Businesses invest in equipment and labor only if Demand for their products and services exceed their current capacity.

Sadly, it has become obvious that the Democratic-Republican divide is fake. Democrats are as beholding to the top 10% as Republicans. Democrats usually have ties to the middle class but once in power, they are enemies to the middle class until they need votes. I urge Liberals, Progressives, and “Democrats” to listen to Barack Obama. Every word, every thought, and every policy is Republican Supply Side VooDoo Reaganomics. Obama is a trickle down REPUBLICAN! Economically, there is no difference between Obama and Romney, Obama and GWB, Obama and GHWB, or Obama and Reagan. I expect Obama’s 2012 campaign theme to be either “Morning in America” or “Stay the Course”. Obama’s tax cuts, trade deals, and Wall Street bailouts are worthless in an economy without good middle class jobs. And good middle class jobs can’t exist with Free Trade, illegal immigration, and 0% effective tax rate on Capital.

As much as I disagree with Republican and Tea Party reasons for not raising the debt ceiling, maybe its our best hope for change. Until the top 10% are threatened by either masses in the streets or economic disaster, the elites will continue to bleed the middle class dry. The cure for cancer will more likely come from a biologist studying the reproduction cycle of dung beetles or something equally unrelated to cancer. We shouldn’t scorn or ridicule the Tea Party, we should just be amazed at how easy they roll, eat, and live in Republican BS. But just maybe they have stumbled upon the cure for our structural economic “cancer” and a method to scare the Republican-Democratic elites shit-less. Until Americans break the strangle hold Corporatist Elites have on Washington or bankrupt the Corporatist Elites, nothing will change. If the Progressive Caucus was smart, they would join the Tea Party with a blackmail threat of their own, no debt limit increase without ending Free Trade and creating new middle class jobs. But the Progressive Caucus members are Democrats; therefore, no testicles, just dung.

Bin Quick

Bin Quick