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Bibi: There’s No Solution to The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Stick a fork in the two-state solution, much less the Peace Farce…!

From Haaretz…

Netanyahu says there’s no solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

…The only person who treats the whole thing with patience and seriously is Netanyahu. “This is an insoluble conflict because it is not about territory,” he says. “It is not that you can give up a kilometer more and solve it. The root of the conflict is in an entirely different place. Until Abu Mazen recognizes Israel as a Jewish state, there will be no way to reach an agreement.”

Netanyahu made similar comments at a press conference a few hours earlier, but then it sounded like lusterless, recycled spin. Now that he was sitting across from me, looking me in the eye and explaining the same thing with endless patience, it suddenly sounded like the truth. Well, not my truth, but his truth.

I continued to nudge him, saying that even if all that was right, I still didn’t understand what pragmatic plan would come out of that conclusion. Netanyahu told me right away that the practical plan for advancing the peace process is to reiterate this at every opportunity.

“You have to see the effect it has on people,” he said, smiling. “You say it and they just remain slack-jawed.”

However, Jordan’s King Abdullah was more succinct…

Jordan’s Abdullah: Israel is not interested in peace

In interview with Washington Post, Jordan King Abdullah laments Israeli public’s gravitation toward the right, rejection of 1967 borders, saying prospects for Middle East peace are grim.

More from the WaPoo…Palestinians stick to call for Israeli settlement freeze before talks, complicating US efforts…

As reality does set in to most… No resumption of Israel-Palestinian talks in sight

…Two senior United States diplomats are visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories in a bid to re-start peace negotiations.

Dennis Ross and David Hale arrived in the region on Wednesday and held talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. […]

Dr. Samir Awwad, of Birzeit University, told Xinhua that Ross and Hale would return home empty-handed.

“The Americans don’t have any innovative or creative solution for the Palestinian question that will enable them to meet, at the same time, Palestinian legitimate demands and Israeli security concerns,” Awwad said.

“The Americans want to prevent the Palestinians (from going) to the United Nations is very obvious,” Awwad said, arguing that the reason why Washington wants to stop the vote is clear, “the answer is because the U.S. will lose in the U.N.”

If the Palestinians want a U.N. resolution that is binding for Israel, then the vote needs to be taken in the U.N. Security Council where the U.S. has veto power and where Washington has clearly intended to use it.

However, if the resolution wins that backing of the U.N General Assembly, its result won’t be compulsory. However, the Palestinians believe they have enough votes for the bid to pass.

Either way, Awwad argued, it would be a defeat for the U.S. as “it can’t stop this, and it will show a serious challenge to U.S. hegemony over world affairs, and in particular over Middle East issues.”

Ironically, Bibi is still totally clueless as to his fate…

Israeli PM’s office denies “Third Intifada” concerns

…Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fears that the declaration of a Palestinian state in September might lead to a “Third Intifada (Arabic for “uprising”), ” according to the local Yediot Aharonoth newspaper.

However, “Netanyahu has never said that he fears there will be a Third Intifada,” an official at the Prime Minister’s Office told Xinhua on Thursday.

The prime minister, according to the report, is concerned that he will not be able to stop a Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations in September. If riots will follow the declaration of a Palestinian state, he hopes the international community would not hold him responsible, the newspaper quoted unnamed government source as saying. […]

“There is one scenario in which many thousands, or possibly tens of thousands, begin a march that becomes riots and serious conflicts with the IDF,” the Jerusalem official source told Yediot.

Don’t you suppose that if the Palestinian bid for Statehood is denied by a US veto in the UN SC, that there just might be a few pissed off Palestinians…? Just a thought…

Meanwhile… Don’t Look Away — The Siege of Gaza Must End…

God Speed to the Freedom Flotilla…! *g*

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