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AMURican Xtianity or what passes for it

This is a sad story today reported by the New York Times…It is hard to believe ,yet on the other hand easy to believe.Are your neighbors these kind of Christians.If so ,Im very sorry for your community.

But Madison Phillips says it is true. He says that he and his mother, Annette Singleton, both black, were turned away from a church shelter by a white woman on the afternoon of April 27, the day of the tornadoes. And within hours, Ms. Singleton and two of Madison’s young friends, who had been huddling with him in his house within yards of that church, were dead.

Thanks ever so much Fox News,Glenn Beck and EACH and EVERYONE of you disgraceful  T-bagging Racist homophobes,that listen to the HATERS and HATE SPEECH….

yea now go to church and pray for forgiveness,cause yall are born aagain after every sin…… convenient

tears for what happens here everyday…so much it demoted as news in place of some penis pics.

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