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Buzzflash reports that According to the Associated Press, “The Perry family’s income tax return shows Perry gave $90 to his church in 2007, a year in which he reported an income of more than $1 million. … Tax records from 2000, when Perry became governor, through 2009 show he earned $2.68 million and gave $14,243 to churches and religious organizations, about a half percent, the newspaper reported. Perry reported no religious contributions in 2000 and 2009, according to his tax records  http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/tx/7607420.html

AP reported that “Perry declined an interview for the Express-News story, according to the newspaper. ‘He never talks about his faith,’ Perry spokesman Mark Miner said. However,” AP pointed out, “he addresses faith often in public


I am going because I want to see it for myself–and I want to get on Perry’s mailing list so I can read all his crazy literature.  I’m serious.  I’m taking my camera, video and doing a few interviews.  It should be interesting. If any of you guys are going, give me a holler and we can meet up if you like. It’s for certain we will be extremely outnumbered–but that’s part of the fun. I don’t want to engage them.  I am going as an observer/listener.


Perry is hosting”The Response” on August 6, an event characterized as “a day of prayer and fasting on behalf of our troubled nation.” Perry has invited fellow governors to join him at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Thus far only Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has accepted his invitation. [No surprise there.]

The event is free and Perry himself [or one of his writers] described it as “apolitical [I’m sure]  Christian prayer service” to offer “spiritual solutions to many challenges we face in our communities, states and nation.” At the event’s website (http://theresponseusa.com/) Perry’s invitation letter to his “Fellow Americans” explains that, “As a nation, we must come together and call upon Jesus to guide us through unprecedented struggles, and than Him for the blessings of freedom we so richly enjoy.”

Candidates for 2012 could do worse than go there and watch how Perry and his core group of volunteers work the crowd.  Often the most valuable lessons we learn are from those whom we despise the most. I’m not going there to mock.  I’m going to observe and learn.



Why would anyone expect anything less than a religious hypocrite from Rick Perry a.k.a George Bush’s protege–literally? Perry is a man who was groomed for the position of Governor by George Bush. Like Bush, Perry uses the evangelicals. Someone ought to tell the religious right to wise up and read David Kuo’s book. David Kuo, an evangelical and also a top official in the faith-based initiatives program wrote a tell-all about Bush Aides and administration calling evangelicals “goofy” behind closed doors.  Perry has learned well how to use people and then mock them behind closed doors.

As far as mocking people, especially the unfortunate, Bush took that art to a whole new level when he mocked the pleas of  clemency from a death row innate Karla Faye Tucker when he was governor of Texas.

FROM AN INTERVIEW WITH TUCKER CARLSON AND BUSH:  In the week before [Karla Faye Tucker’s] execution, Bush says, “Bianca Jagger and a number of other protesters came to Austin to demand clemency for Tucker.”

“Did you meet with any of them?” Carlson asked. Bush whips around and stares at him. “No, I didn’t meet with any of them,” he snaps, as though Carlson  just asked the dumbest, most offensive question ever posed. “I didn’t meet with Larry King either when he came down for it. I watched his interview with [Tucker], though. He asked her real difficult questions, like ‘What would you say to Governor Bush?’ ”

“What was her answer?” Carlson asked.

“Please,” Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, “don’t kill me.”


Americans suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome–that can be the only possible explanation for their consistent identification with their captors/owners who hate them.

I wish Joe Bageant were alive for all this. He really nailed it when he wrote in an essay that Americans suffer from some kind of a Stockholm syndrome of the soul where we identify with our captors and vote against our best interests.  I see it every day.  This is but another example–Evangelicals, ignoring the real teachings of Christ about tending to the poor and instead uniting with a cruel user like Perry.  Then we have 88% of both the Democratic and Republican parties identifying with their leaders’ agenda for the rich and harsh economic policies against the majority of us.



Liz Berry

Liz Berry