The “Primary Obama” campaign over at was successful and the bus ads are finally placed.  Because it took the company so long to place the ads they decided to give us six ads instead of one.  Perhaps they are sympathetic to the cause?

Here is the original ad.  I had to reformat it to fit on a bus instead of a billboard but the message is the same;

epicstep_starter [Converted]

Here are the areas covered by the bus routes;

Heavy Downtown coverage from 16th Street NW eastward into portions of Northeast DC coverage including Capitol Hill, Chinatown, Metro Center, Union Station, L’Enfant Plaza, Mt Vernon-convention center neighborhood, McPherson Sq, NoMa, Thomas Circle, Logan Circle, Columbia Heights, Mt Pleasant, Adams Morgan, Shaw, U Street Corridor, Cardozo.

And here are the ads on buses;

Primary Obama bus ad

Primary Obama bus ad 2

I’m no longer involved in politics–too much stress for me–but I’m thankful to have had this one last parting shot.  I highly recommend for anyone else who wants to start a political campaign–this campaign cost me $15 plus about three hours of design time.  Not a bad return on my money!  You can view the actual campaign here.

Thanks to all those who supported the campaign and spread the word.  Your actions made this possible.  This is your success.  Enjoy the moment!

The guys at epicstep have been fantastic throughout this whole process and I am so thankful they had the foresight and skills to create such a kick-ass site. Thanks guys.

Thanks to Jane and the FDL community for giving me a place to promote this campaign and for keeping me informed over all these years.  I bow to your efforts and wish you all the best of luck.

Power to the people!