Reading through everyone else’s blog posts, and running into a sister who is working on getting her SRS letters in order through the VA, I realized that while I had shared with some friends on Facebook (by some, I mean those with a handful of friends who can still read through everyone's status changes in a single sitting) I hadn't yet taken the opportunity to create a larger posting and to offer my story.Prior to mid-October 2010, I have never had reliable or continuous healthcare coverage. I failed, or forgot, or possibly both to register with the Veteran's Administration upon my discharge. That has now changed after cough cough years of being without coverage. While some of the waiting periods for the various appointments has been rather ridiculous, I do have to applaud the Primary Care section of the La Jolla VA hospital for being able to provide less than two weeks before being seen.

In fact, it was while I was being seen by my PCP (Primary Care Physician) that I decided to inquire as to the possibilities of having an orchiectomy. I asked rather politely, "So doc, what do I have to complain about and start having listed in my medical history to have the possibility of getting an orchiectomy?" She looked rather confused for a moment, and said that she wasn't exactly sure but then said, "I'll go ahead and put in the consult to Urology and you can discuss it with them." BINGO!!

Urology appointment gets set for April 5th, and I make darn tooting my happy little butt (and the rest of me) are there for this appointment. I go into the little room, talk with the intern for a few minutes, he does a cursory examination of "it" and then heads off to get the Urologist. She enters the room, and begins to explain to me that they have a bit of hesitation with performing this manner of operation. However, she had done some homework prior to my arrival. She had contacted my PCP's attending physician (yah, that's two interns so far =P) and the psychiatrist from the Same Day Clinic.

While waiting to get into the system and receive care for my PTSD, I had to go through this particular hoop. That is, having an appointment in this particular mental health clinic and talking to both a psychologist and psychiatrist to ensure that I needed the care. I did my best to steer clear of anything gender related and focused on my personal situation related to my time in the military. However, Dr Atkinson did ask a couple questions and darn my educational nature but I went ahead and answered them. He did make a notation in my records regarding it, and the Urologist had picked up on it.

After only a few minutes she went ahead and scheduled the orchiectomy for May 16th. citing that I was as reasonable and easy to speak to as the other Doctors had mentioned. She realized that I was fully cognizant of the repercussions, side effects and outcome of the operation and that I wasn't being unduly delusional. My pre-op screening and preparation is scheduled for May 10th.

I guess I'll have to endeavor to keep everyone apprised of my experience, once I'm a half post-operative since I'll be just sans "the boys". No promises though. I've tried writing blogs before and tend to find I end up getting side-track… oh look, shiney!