A strong message from party chair David Parker. I hope individual elected officials consider strong public statement opposing the marriage discrimination amendment being foisted upon our state by the GOP-led General Assembly as the Democratic Party will have its 2012 convention in Charlotte.

We have seen progress in our lifetime.

When we have been honest and compassionate, we have participated in the difficult work of that progress. It is only when we have been afraid, when we have stood aside or turned away that we have found ourselves on the wrong side of the great battles for human rights in America.

Total equality is the ultimate goal. Through many thousand acts of personal and collective courage in the struggle for LGBT rights, be it a single teenager coming out to his family or a City Council passing a non-discrimination hiring clause, we move ever closer to that goal.

The Democratic Party acts upon the belief that history moves toward inclusion and understanding. While politics is an exercise in patience and persuasion, we will do everything in our power to remember that equality isn’t an abstract concept; it is a daily battle for dignity and access. When that daily battle is your life, patience with the process is not always easy.

But while progress may be slow, it isn’t silent. That LGBT Pride Month is being celebrated so widely is an indication that fear is subsiding across the community. The North Carolina Democratic Party joins President Obama and Democrats across America in celebrating unity, equality, and the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people everywhere.

The contributions of LGBT citizens to this state are unquestionable. Likewise, no one should have any doubts about the North Carolina Democratic Party’s unwavering support for equality.

David Parker

Chairman, North Carolina Democratic Party

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding