Dan Choi and I drove David House to the Virginia court house for his testimony before the Wikileaks grand jury today. David and his attorney entered the US attorney’s office next to the court house, but because Dan and I had not received subpoenas and were not on the witness list, we were not allowed entry.

While we were sitting in the lobby, we struck up a conversation with someone who identified themselves as a friend of Lynndie England. The person, who asked for anonymity out of concerns for their family’s privacy, indicated that they had accompanied England and were familiar with the details of England’s subpoena.

England’s attorney was contacted last week and told that she was wanted for questioning before the grand jury today. England indicated that she would comply with the request, and was surprised that she subsequently received a subpoena last Friday anyway.

According to the associate, England did not know whether she was appearing before the Wikileaks grand jury. The information she was given indicated she would be questioned about activities at Abu Ghraib that happened during a period in which she was not present.

The individual speculated that Wikileaks had received documents implicating people much higher up than England in the torture activities at Abu Ghraib, which would expose the details of the government’s attempts to cover up what happened.

I asked the person if they would like to walk up the street with us to Starbucks. The guards at the security station told Dan and I to leave, then locked the door and attempted to prevent the individual from leaving the building. They told the individual that we were from Wikileaks and that they could not talk to us.

They called an FBI agent to the lobby, who told the guards that they had no cause to detain the individual, as they were not officially associated with the inquiry. The guards unlocked the exit door and allowed the individual to depart.

The individual said that the request came out of the blue.

Update: See Marcy’s post: England’s appearance may have been related to the grand jury investigation into the death of Manadel al-Jamadi.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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