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Late Night: Now THAT’S Racist!

This is a few days old now, but since we’ve been on the topic of wingnut racist crap lately, here is, well, a great big steaming stinky pile of crazy racist right wing shit.

I mean, over here. —————————–>

It’s so crazy that even one of the inmates at the Daily Caller — in other words, a shallow-end bottom feeder so utterly lacking in  self-respect he lets Tucker Carlson boss him around — called it out as “offensive.” Until of course he got the 20 lashes with a wet douche and was forced to add a “libruls are the real racists ET CETERA” update.

The twerp who put up the ad has a post up where he explains his thinking. It’s compelling stuff. He does a good job of pointing out that he is every inch (three, tops) the sort of resentful horrible drooling dingaling who would think making such a video and then admitting to it in public was a clever move in the first place:

Before you charge racism at the ad, consider her one line in the video: “It takes a different kind of person to speak the language.” By that she means, it takes black people to talk to black people. It takes gang members to talk to gang members. They have their own language, we should coddle them. They’re not responsible for their actions if they murder someone, rape someone. They’re a minority.

Right. If you want to start a program to convince gang members to get out of a gang, anyone should be able to get the gig. Henry Kissinger. Dr. Ruth. Newt Gingrich. Sarah Palin! (“You don’t want to be a Crip, you betcha!”) Disagree and you are worse than a Klansman.

Anyway, the “this isn’t racist” stuff is entertaining. Because holy shit, that video is so fucking old school racist. I mean, please,  just admit it, fucknose.

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