I am of the srong belief that a large percentage of illegal immigrants that come to this country come  to work and prosper. I would like to point out some hard facts that we must overcome if we wish to get the American people to accept open borders. They are tough questions, but we should be prepared to answer them. Admittedly, my perspective comes from wanting to help the “Dream Kids” whose plight must be addressed.

Hard facts we must accept:

1. No other country in the world applies Birthright citizenship to children in which neither parent is a citizen. Not one!  To ridicule those who address this issue as “out there” seems to be at odds with the facts.

2. The flow of illegal immigrants is the tool corporations have used against workers to suppress wages on the jobs they could not ship over seas.

3. The assertion that we need “illegal labor” for US farms. Ther are tens of thousands of  farm workers at hiring halls in Mexico, they rarly get called for work. The reason is if farmers use the legal Mexican/Eastern Europian/African/Asaian labor they are bound to supply housing and medical– illegal the taxpayers pay the bill the costs are shifted. Farmers acting legally would choose hire Americans at a higher wage that face those legal costs.

4. Demanding that taxpayers pay to teach illegals english at billions of dollars of cost. Look at the Asian communities of legal immigrants who tookit upon themseves to teach new immigrants. Would have Americans been more receptive to legalization. We will never know.

5. The farce that you cannot control the border. If the Us got rid of the insanely costly drones, ineffective by all means and at the same cost used man power- a man every one quarter mile. People of good faith on this issue agree the borders for all intent and purpose could be closed. The American people want it closed.

6.Adapting the position that an illegal immigrant has the same claim on a job as an American citizen. The American people likely find t6hat highly objectionable

7. The claim that those who do not support illegal immigration are racists. Suffice it to say it is the equivalent of conservatives saying that your unpatriotic if you are against any war.

8. There is no economic model for importing poor ,uneducated people as way to national prosperity.

     Unfortunately the list goes on.

  I repeat, my concern is for the chidren and young adults brought here by their parents. The open borders crowd is screwing these kids. Rather than opening a door for them the OB crowd uses the Dream Act as the amensty vehicle, not for Dream Kids but exploiting it to force broad based amnesty that  Americans have rejected time and again. That OB crowd is so misguided that they would not and did not support a clean bill that would have passed.

Unfortunatley the time for these kids may have past. the economy is not coming back, as such, the prospects for all illegals is likely to get much worse. That’s profoundly sad.