Unsatisfied with this summers blockbusters (I mean, really? Green Lantern?), Andrew Breitbart toady Lee Stranahan  came to the conclusion that what America really wants to see this summer is a movie about dicks, wangs, schlongs, johnsons, dongs, tallywhackers, heat-seeking love missiles, pork swords, beef bayonets.

You know… penises :

#Weinergate Documentary Project

June 6, 2011 · 47 comments

I’ve been gathering materials for a quick turnaround Weinergate Documentary…and if I can raise the funds needed in the next 10 days, I’ll be able to get it out by July. (I have two other docs I’m finishing, so I need to knock this one out quickly)

The focus is Weinergate as seen as a media event – the triumph of the right-wing bloggers and the total crash and burn of the left wing. I’m calling it Weinergate: The Impotence of Liberal Journalism.

Click here for more info and please consider donating. There are some cool rewards, including credits, special edition DVDs. It’s on Kickstarter, a service for funding project – if I don’t get the total funding I need to do the project, you don’t pay.

And, in fact, the left wing did crash and burn which is why I am blogging this from a burned out basement with the full moon in my eyes, and why all of the liberal bloggers have closed up shop and now you have more time for getting right with Jesus and looking at porn.

As for the movie, Stranahan set a 10-day limit for acquiring funding ( a mere $7500) and, well, since Thursday is the 16th we’re bumping up against the drop-dead date when the option reverts back to, oh, I don’t know, maybe Philip K. Dick.

So how’s it going?

Like this.

Obviously would-be Weinstein brothers are unaware of the rewards that can come with bankrolling this potential blockbuster:

LIMITED REWARD     10 of 10 remaining

Special hand pressed, limited edition of 10 DVD of the film — signed to you by me and a number of the film’s participants — custom packaging and surprises. A total collector’s item!

Backer 0 BACKERs

Feeling even more flush with cash and hankering to hold the reins of next years big splash at Sundance?

LIMITED REWARD     1 of 1 remaining

You get the WORLD PREMIERE: a special screening of the film for you – at your house, a party or local Tea Party Rally. I’ll do a short talk, a Q&A session and even screen outtakes. You can charge admission or use this event as a fundraiser. Or we’ll hang out in your living room. It’s your call! Continental US only, unless you want to pay to fly me out to your country and put me up.

Of course, if Stranahan can’t pull the big bucks out of a hat at the last minute (Andrew Breitbart obviously passed since all of his available cash is tied up in vodka futures) that doesn’t mean that Lee can’t  make the movie. Hopefully he’ll still be able to pull it off without compromising his artistic vision.

Too bad though. It won’t be the same without the car chases and the exploding robots.



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