In my first diary on this subject I predicted that  Arizona would not save enough money to get out of its budget crisis by cutting state funds to transplant patients and that cutting funds to Preemie Babies was next. Below you can read my exact words back when I made my prediction.



Arizona is the first state to cut off people who need transplants from state cash loosing all that immigrant generated tax revenue has hurt Arizona.

But all those cuts still won’t be enough to save Arizona from its debt so expect more cuts.

Guess where the cuts are going to come from next all you Right to Lifers, who voted GOP and all you citizens of Arizona who might need transplants some day.

I just hope you don’t plan on having any kids or Grandkids. Why?

How much does it cost to care for those half-million premature babies born each year in the United States? Business Week reported the National Academy of Sciences’ calculation: about $26 billion.

My bold You tell me Arizona won’t cut them next? Why because there is not that much left to be cut  the States and the Feds broke and are already looking to cut everything else.

I was right sort of…its the Feds not Arizona who will be doing the cutting first.


Proposed $47 million cuts in the program of nutrition for Women, Infants and Children will make it that more difficult for pregnant women and small children, literally, to survive.  These cuts are extended by Pentagon spending increases.


These cuts effect 9 million moms. So lets do some simple Cause and Effect math the Cause is that if we cut nutrition to expecting moms Then the Effect/ the Result is that more babies won’t grow like they should and that more babies will be Preemies.
Hospitals have to care for Preemies babies its the law Reagan passed it.

So this in effect raises taxes insurance premiums, and hospital costs Pre Mature babies already cost America billions.


How much does it cost to care for those half-million premature babies born each year in the United States? Business Week reported the National Academy of Sciences’ calculation: about $26 billion.

If we assume that only another 1/2 million out of the 9 million moms getting food from this program have Preemies ( I think I am being very Conservative with my numbers ) then we add another 26 billion of cost to the government because the Insurance companies, the States, and the hospitals are not going to pick up that Tab.

Rep Ryan and Bill Clinton both have said we have to cut Medicare because our existing budget debt is too high but if we add in to the budget  another 26 billion of Expense for a total of 52 billion dollars a year. Then factor in growth of population and the bad economy which is not creating enough jobs to keep up with the growth of population and is not expected to for years creating even more Mom’s having Preemies. Then…
( I confess I don’t have a clue how to calculate those numbers if anyone wants to help please feel free. 🙂

Then Ryan and Bill using their own logic must call for more cuts to stop saving all the Preemies.
Or we can expect further cuts amounting to at least 26 billion dollars to start and more each year for if we factor in population growth and a bad economy those numbers go higher every year expect those cuts to come from Social Security and Medicare. God forbid we end Both wars to save unborn American lives!/s
Ryan’s budget currently projects 7.6 trillion of savings over 10 years but does not include these new costs funny his budget is a GOP think tank idea cutting food for pregnant Mom’s is a GOP think tank idea. The idea that Ryan and Bill who are both so concerned that we have to cut Medicare did not know about other GOP think tank ideas the GOP was ready to roll with is Ludicrous.



Ryan’s budget projects 7.6 trillion of savings over 10 years.

The Senate proposal by Republican Bob Corker of Tennessee and Democrat Claire McCaskill of Missouri aims to save $7.6 trillion over 10 years by capping federal spending at 20.6 percent of gross domestic product within a decade, down from 24.3 percent now.

Ryan’s proposal also includes dropping the top tax rate for rich people from 35 percent to 25 percent. All by itself, that one change means that the government would be collecting over $4 trillion less over the next ten years.


If we project 52 billion dollars more expense over 10 years minus $47 million in savings we get $51,953,000,000  then move the decimal one place over to project for 10 years and we get $519,530,000,000 never mind expected growth in population and the worsening economy. Or just over a half a Trillion more debt for this $47 million savings now.

This plan then would cost the government 1/2 a trillion dollars more over ten years .


Never mind what cuts in Medicare and Social Security will do to increase the number of Expensive emergency room visits which the government will also pick up the tab for.
Nobody Not Ryan, Bill the entire GOP took econ at a community college I see.
All those elite Ivy league schools the GOPer think tankers and Bill went to obviously did not give our Reverse Darwin ruling elite the education I got.
Cripes I can’t believe I’m still unemployed and they Got Jobs!


Do Ryan, Bill and the GOP want to cut all funds for Preemmies to keep their tax cut is the question?

Or will they cut Social Security and Medicare even more than they are talking about now?

The Mainstream Media if they had any Stones really should be asking these questions to Ryan, Bill the GOP and all the anti abortion people.
Ryan and Bill are both obviously linked to GOP think tanks Ryan’s budget is a GOP think tank idea the same as this horrible proposal to cut funds for pregnant moms to get food.
Ryan and Bill can’t claim they were not in the know about other GOP think tank ideas to cut the National Debt.





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