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NATO Leaders Believe There Is No Libya End Game Strategy

F15 Fighter Jet Belly

F15 Fighter Jet Belly by TheBusyBrain

Three months of the no fly zone war against Libya started NATO officials are starting to admit there is no clear end game strategy besides basically hoping Muammar Gaddafi just goes away somehow. From the UK Guardian:

Almost three months into the campaign of air strikes, Britain and its Nato allies no longer believe bombing alone will end the conflict in Libya, well-placed government officials have told the Guardian.

Instead, they are pinning their hopes on the defection of Muammar Gaddafi‘s closest aides, or the Libyan leader’s agreement to flee the country.

“No one is envisaging a military victory,” said one senior official who echoed Tuesday’s warnings by Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, head of the navy, that the bombing cannot continue much beyond the summer.

Who could have possibly predicted that this war would turn into a long drawn out conflict or that the military force NATO were willing to commit were insufficient to achieve their real goal of regime change?

Actually anyone paying attention could have predicted this.

I had hoped the one good thing that would have come from idiotic war against Iraq, is that it would have taught a generation that foreign wars are never quick, easily or cheap. Sadly, that is a prediction I did get spectacularly wrong.

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