The Right wins elections when they are about Gossip Lies, Hate, Greed, Fear  the Left wins Elections when they are about the issues.


The GOP won’t talk about government creating jobs they know that the majority of voters want this.

They know that the bank bailout is unpopular. Tax cuts for the rich paid for by cuts in Medicare are unpopular. The Dem Union and Union supporter base even before the Ryan budget came out could organize and hold daily protests for months in a Freaking cold Wisconsin winter the Tea Baggers can’t even get a counter protest half that size for one day in Wisconsin.

The GOP wins when elections are all about Gossip, Lies, hate, fear greed the negative emotions Bush ran the first time  on greed ,tax cuts… granted tax cuts mostly for the rich but he and the media did not mention that.    Al Gore said create a Lockbox for Social Security which if that had happened we would not be in the mess we are today. Greed won.

Bush ran for reelection on 9/11 fears and a few invented terror threats just in time for the election  Fear and lies won that election.   McCain had Sarah run on Birtherism, Secret Muslim, paling around with terrorists, the Hate Media spread lies about the banking crisis being caused by government regulation forcing banks to loan to dark people who could not afford homes. Funny how the worse housing markets with the most homes underwater don’t all seem to be in minority areas.

But lies and hate lost for McCain you can’t win them all I guess.   But you do see a pattern. Dems win elections on the issues because we have ideas that the majority of voters agree with. The majority of voters on the issues they care about most support us!

End both wars, Tax the rich more, Don’t cut Medicare, Don’t cut Social Security, Government should create jobs, Government should save people’s homes.

We need polling on all these issues but on the issues we do have polling for we win a majority.   Too bad Obama is not using those polls to demand real change so we might very well lose the next election but Obama is a Dem in Name only we learned that after the healthcare fight.

Still the GOP brand on these issues is already established as the opposite of what voters want so the GOP needs to go crazy on hate and gossip in order to win…if they keep talking about <em>their </em> ideas we win the next election easy.

Its sad that the Main Stream Media cries about cheeto eating bloggers getting all the viewers as the media gets smaller and loses advertising money as a direct result of their giving more air time to Ann Coluter, Breitbart, Malkin, Eric Ericson, Glen Beck supposedly to give the media balance and not Left bloggers who can generate traffic. One wonders if balance is their goal or brainwashing if balance was their goal with the majority of voters to the Left of Obama on the issues most important to voters putting Ann Coluter, Breitbart, Malkin, Eric Ericson, Glen Beck on the air is like playing a game of teeter totter with Rush Limbaugh or Newt its no fun if you don’t teeter the totter so of course people leave the Main Stream Media and read the blogs! Duh!
<blockquote>The Internet is now the main national and international news source for people ages 18 to 29, a study from the Pew Research Center reports.
In 2010, 65% of people younger than 30 cited the Internet as their go-to source for news, nearly doubling from 34% in 2007. The number who consider television as their main news source dropped from 68% to 52% during that time.*
Of all 1,500 American adults surveyed, 41% say they get their national and international news from the Internet, up 17% from 2007. Sixty-six percent cite television — down from 74% — indicating the trend is spreading among other age groups.</blockquote>



I would like to discuss a new phenomenon I see emerging. The left-wing blogosphere is beginning to decidedly pull away from the right wing blogosphere in terms of traffic. This is largely a result of the open embrace of community blogging on the left and the stagnant, anti-meritorious nature of the right-wing blogosphere that pushes new, emerging voices to the margins.As I have always been prone to do, I spent much of the morning looking at the Blogads traffic rankings. Adding up the 200 blogs that are concerned with politics and either identify or have been identified with Democrats / liberals or Republicans / conservatives, I found 87 blogs that general fit into the “liberal” category and 113 blogs that fit into the conservative category.<strong> However, despite the greater number of conservative blogs, the liberal blogs totaled nearly ten million page views per week, while the conservative blogs managed just over six million.</blockquote></strong>
My bold I wonder just how big we are now? We are still bigger despite

A Marine stationed in Iraq found he was blocked from accessing the cheeky, left-leaning political blog Wonkette, while he had no problem accessing conservative Michelle Malkin’s site.Hmmm….
Another Marine stationed in Iraq has sent us a screenshot of what happens when you need some hot news on Macaca and Foley:
forbidden, this page ( is categorized as (Personal Pages) ALL SITES YOU VISIT ARE LOGGED AND FILED.
… Notice the other browser tabs. Two actual “personal pages” that rah-rah for Bush (What’s her name, the wannabe Coulter, and Hugh Hewitt) show up just fine, as our Marine Operative confirms. But “Talking Points Memo,” which is apparently one of the “left leaning” sites one hears so much about these days, is prohibited.</blockquote>

Even with Censorship of the military we still are bigger. Do any readers know if the military still censoring Left Wing Blogs? if so why isn’t Obama doing anything about that?   Or can’t the military Handle the <strong>TRUTH?</strong>


Obama is going on a nation wide tour to talk about all the jobs he has created no he is not talking about creating jobs. This tour reminds me of President Bush’s members selected for loyalty town hall tour  to create support for Privatizing Social Security that tour lowered Bush’s poll ratings already low from Katrina

Cujo has the real numbers on job creation under Obama.“we-got-them-republicans-cornered-on-medicare/



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