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Marriage equality for some

In the whole, I am all for marriage equality for everyone.  All brands of people deserve the right to the legal benefits that come along with the institution as well as the societal recognition that folks in committed relationships desire.  However there is a minority segment of the population that has been denied marriage equality in a different manner for quite some time, the disabled.  I’m posting this here because Me and mine are not only lesbians but my partner is also disabled.  Marriage would be awesome, but even if it were a possibility for us here in Montana we would still have to decline it as her benefits would drop from $674 a month to $0.  I make a little over a thousand a month, when a disabled person marries their benefits decrease based upon their spouse’s income.  The threshold for elimination of benefits is $1,011 per month.  I pay out just about $1000 a month in bills, her money buys us household supplies and food.  We’d be royally screwed if we got married.  So even if the sought after marriage equality for GLBT folks were to come about, there would still be a segment of the community, even the GLBT community, that would be discriminated against.  That sucks.

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