Christine O’Donnell Makes Early Presidential Debate Winner Call

You may remember Christine O’Donnell, the former senatorial candidate and babbling hirsute abstinence-witch from Delaware. Yeah. Remember her? Well, anyway, Christine, who will be appearing on many serious political cable talk shows in a few months because she has a book coming out (and also because PETA gets all pissy when Hannity has on that smoking chimp, so, you know, call Christine for the lulz), is live twitter-twatting the very important Republican presidential debate tonight so her fellow Real Americans can devote their short attention spans to NHL hockey (it’s a “sport” of some kind) or that one episode of House where a seemingly random event at the 49-minute mark causes Dr. House to have an epiphany and he saves the patient. Hurray!

Anyway, let’s get started with Christine:

The excitement builds… who will capture the coveted  Christine O’Donnell Unemployable Semi-Virgin Deadbeat endorsement?

Oh, looks like we have a winner!

There you have it, America. Go back to sleep. Karen Santorum is your next President.

Bet you didn’t see that coming….

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