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Sunday Late Night: CNN Spotlights Hate

I get it: Tony Perkins is telegenic, he’s clean and articulate, he makes his points in words Villagers respect and understand. He claims to represent Values Voters, which are the “cousins” (his word!) to teabaggers (my word!) and Real Americans™. And those are the people Versailles DC residents believe are most like their own millionaire, Martha’s Vineyard-dwelling selves. Best of all, Tony’s shock troops are the boots on the ground for the GOP. The GOP knows this and defends Perkins.

But he spews hate. His hate group, the Family Research Council, was so designated last November by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a trustworthy and credible organization when it comes to hate in America, even so far as being cited as an FBI resource on hate crimes.

And Tony Perkins didn’t like that designation.

Blue Texan calls Tony an Imam. And with his requirement for adherence to his own revealed faith, his pretense to speak for Values Voters (what are the mujahideen, after all, if not Value Voters with automatic weapons and IEDs?), and vast media presence, that’s what Tony Perkins is.

His words make him a hater too.

So why did CNN provide him a platform to spew this junk?

What are the qualities they are looking for in exchange for their passionate support? First of all the candidate has to have credibility. Are they genuine?

Does Tony mean “genuine” like George W Bush, who bought a Crawford Texas pig farm in in 1999 to clear brush when he decided to run for President? And ignored the intelligence that America was about to be attacke? Who then lied America into a war of choice?

Or does Tony mean “genuine” like the divorced Ronald Reagan whose family values extended to estrangement from his own children, as well as the largest peacetime tax increases in American history?

Or ‘genuine’ like Old GHWBush, whose ‘no new taxes’ pledge hasn’t gone down in history, but whose ‘read my lips‘ has?

Tony Perkins is not genuine himself. Tony Perkins lies. Tony Perkins hates. Why does CNN provide him op-ed space to blather about Values nowadays, as if his opinion is important and valuable to GOP primary voters?

I suppose since Fareed Zakaria had Ann Coulter on his Sunday morning program to spew her invective, maybe CNN’s answer is: Hate R Us.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge