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Stay, Anthony Weiner!

I’m sick and tired of Democrats calling on Anthony Weiner to resign.

Et tu, Nancy? Debbie? Tim? Steve?

What exactly did he do that’s any of their business, or even his constituents’ business, or Congress’s business? An Ethics Committee investigation? You’ve got to be kidding me!

And now Anthony Weiner is worried about his wife, traveling with Hillary Clinton in Africa, and what she might be hearing from her boss, who’s had some experience, says the NYDailyNews, with “misbehaving husbands” according to “friends.”

First of all, Anthony Weiner, tell your friends to stop talking to the NYDailyNews or any press at all. If you’re in treatment and your wife’s in Africa, any actual friends of yours should STFU.

Second, this: If your wife, Huma Abedin, is listening to Hillary, that can only be good for your chances of staying in Congress. Don’t be afraid of what Hillary Clinton has to say! I don’t think she was ever an advocate for Bill resigning, and what Bill Clinton did was — say it with me — A WHOLE LOT WORSE.

And, while I’m on this rant, here are some comparisons I am also sick and tired of, because:

What David Vitter did was A WHOLE LOT WORSE.

What Don Sherwood did was WHOLE LOT WORSE.

What John Ensign did was A WHOLE LOT WORSE.

What Larry Craig did was A WHOLE LOT WORSE.

These four involved violations of law. None resigned. Well, Ensign did when he faced certain expulsion, which probably has pension and employment ramifications. The GOP funded Sherwood’s re-election to the tune of $1.5 million after he choked his mistress! GOP lobbyists are raising money for David Vitter, and GOP officeholders are taking his money — still, today, this week!

I do not understand this Democratic Party drumbeat for Anthony Weiner to resign. The man is in treatment for this illness, or compulsion, or whatever it is. Can’t his fellow Democrats at least respect that?

Would it even be possible for any of these Democrats to return public discussion to, oh — I don’t know, this Midwestern inundation, or the illegal war in Libya or the deteriorating Iraq war, or our occupation in Afghanistan, or Arizona on fire, or the slow-walk implementation of DADT repeal?

America deserves a better media, and a better Democratic party.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge