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Jobs Crisis

No, I do not care about Sarah Palin’s emails.
I do not care about Anthony Weiner’s penis.

I care about jobs.

Work matters.

I believe I will start working to fire incumbents. Until they catch fire and start doing their jobs to put Americans back to work, everybody in The Village should feel the fear Americans feel … about losing their jobs, finding a job, facing the bleak future.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner may think obstruction and filibusters are the way to get back into power, but, hey, guys… your team are incumbents, too. And if I were the O’Bama team, I’d be running on what’s actually been accomplished even as the Rethugs all tried to handicap and handcuff the President at every turn. Gulliver and the Lilliputians comes to mind.

Of course, that Republican Navy Seal’s comments pro Obama on the Daily Show didn’t hurt, either.

But we’re on short time now to the 2012 election. Everyone who is an incumbent should be mindful that everyone in this country is only one day away from unemployment. Everyone.

See you at the ballot box…. All of you.

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