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GLAAD President Admits Sending AT&T Written Letter to FCC

William Blake's Pardoner

Michelangelo Signorili has the goods on GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios, who sent a letter to the FCC on behalf of the organization supporting the merger of TMoblie and AT&T — written by their big donor, AT&T:

Barrios now admits that the a letter to the FCC opposing net neutrality on behalf of GLAAD was sent by his office and he did approve it. He is blaming his administrative assistant for sending the trojan horse letter — in which GLAAD sponsor AT & T sent a form letter to GLAAD for the group to sign onto, and which opposes net neutrality even though the wording is very vague and to those outside the industry it might seem like it is anti-net neutrality when it is not — but he admits that he did sign off on it, even though he didn’t really know what it was or read it.

Bil Browning spoke with Barrios, who is playing the “blame the assistant” game:

The letter’s origins lay with AT&T; the telecom giant sent Barrios suggested wording for another letter to the FCC. Barrios’ special assistant used the language verbatim to create the letter, signed his name to it, and sent it in.

Barrios recounts that he was at an airport when his assistant called him to go through some items on his agenda. In a hurry to board his plane

AT&T gave GLADD $50,000 this year, and $100,000 last year.  And both the NAACP and the NEA, who have also issued statements in support of the deal, have received big AT&T donations.

The selling of Veal Pen indulgences to corporate America is starting to put the Pardoner’s Tale to shame.

Sacraments, anyone?

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