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Albertville, AL mayor says new, vile immigration law 'will solve traffic problems'

Alabama has decided to make all brown people (legal or undocumented) carry around papers, and give state law enforcement (that has a stellar history of good race relations, huh) powers it doesn’t deserve to pull anyone who “looks illegal” over.

On CNN this afternoon, T.J. Holmes really held his composure as he interviewed the stereotypically Southern mayor of Albertville, Lindsey Lyons, who touted the virtues of chasing Latinos under the law, which, among other pathetic things, also criminalizes anyone who gives a ride to a person suspected of being in the U.S. illegally.

But this sorry excuse of an elected official said that one of the major benefits was that it would “help traffic control” in the state.

I don’t have that video, but here’s Lyons in the raw.

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