(Update Friday Night 10PM): See above.


(Update Friday morning 7:15);  Rough night last night, mainly sleeping for a half hour or so, then he would need to go outside to pee. The good news is that he is drinking, not a lot,  but it’s happening. Still won’t eat despite the anti-nausea medication.  I’ll be calling his vet this morning to figure out where to go next.


I know this is a little bit early, but I didn’t want to drop this on everyone tonight.

Fenway is back in the hospital, but this time with what appears to be the same intestinal virus that took Beckham a year and a half ago. We were up all night with him since he couldn’t stop pacing, laying down for a few minutes, then getting up and moving around again. Needless to say, nobody in the house got any sleep and we’re all pretty wiped out right now.  The good news is that he was alert and walking (albeit gingerly) and wagging his tail when we got him to his vet this morning. Last report is that he is getting fluids and anti-nausea drugs and seems to be doing better.

I’ll be updating this as necessary, but other than that, all other blogging is on temporary hold.

(Update 8:40) Not really much to say. He’s spent the day getting fluids pumped into him, blood panel, x-rays, antibiotics, sonograms, and he’s stable… but no better. White blood cells are up so there is an infection somewhere, but it’s a mystery. The worst thing is that he refuses to drink and I’m having to fight with him to get ice chips into his mouth. It’s gonna be a long night and I’m thinking we may be back to the vet tomorrow for more fluids via IV. At least he’s sleeping right now…..

I’m dying inside.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....