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Late Night: Pouting Baby Asks Why the Banksters Got to Steal Our Money

"Why did the banksters get to steal our money?" (photo courtesy of Jim White)

It looks like Pouting Baby is talking to us again. — JW

I’m really mad! I just saw an article at that shows something that just isn’t fair, and it looks like nothing is going to be done about it.

Remember when the banksters made a lot of our money go away? It’s been over two years since they did that, and people have only gotten about half of that money back:

U.S. household wealth fell by about $16.4 trillion of net worth from its peak in spring 2007, about six months before the start of the recession, to when things hit bottom in the first quarter of 2009, according to figures from the Federal Reserve.

While a rebound in the stock market, an improved savings rate and consumer steps to reduce debt resulted in net worth gains since 2009, only a little more than half of that lost wealth – $8.7 trillion — is back on household balance sheets.

That leaves American household wealth $7.7 trillion less than it was before the recession.

Do you know how big a number $7.7 trillion is? Mr. Jim says you write it like this:


So the banksters made $7.7 trillion of our money go away for good, and I think they got a lot of it for themselves.  That’s a lot to steal, and what makes it worse is that Little Georgie B and Mr. O gave the banksters lots more of our money when the banksters tried to say they didn’t have any.  The banksters just took that money for themselves and didn’t make anything better for us and probably didn’t even change the things they were doing that caused the problems in the first place.

One person who could have helped make the banksters behave is Lizzie W.  But now it looks like Mr O doesn’t have the courage to give Lizzie W the job she should have because he’s afraid of making the banksters mad.

When I take something that doesn’t belong to me, my Mommy makes me give it back and then she sends me to my room. The banksters took a lot of money that didn’t belong to them, and Mr. O gave them more money and now is doing everything they ask for. He hasn’t sent any of them to jail. Now I think the banksters know that they can do anything they want. Maybe this would be a good time to hide your money from them.

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