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TSA: Pistole Firing Blank Rhetoric

Those TSA backscatter radiation machines the American people were forced to expend billions of dollars to install?  Soooooo 2010.

A shiny new technology now arrived on scene, TSA Chief John Pistole has pulled a rhetorical 180 to put Newt Gingrich to shame.

Remember when we citizens questioned the amount of radiation being emitted from the machines?  And expressed concerns over the invasive and dignity stripping searches?  And the efficacy of a security system that relegated every single passenger a terrorist threat until proven otherwise?  And were scolded that the scanners were safe, the searches benign, and the massive billion dollar overhaul of our airports security check-points absolutely required to Keep America Safe(tm)!

Hahahahaa, Pistole punk’d us!  See, a company called Iscon has a new scanner on the market whose “thermo-conductive technology combines infrared (IR) and heat transfer, for high-resolution imaging without using any radiation” and attendees at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) annual meeting went gaga over the mock-up on display, including Pistole, who now says the system is long overdue and will cut down on “needless checks” and “one size does not fit all“.

The Director General of IATA, Giovanni Bisignani, in unveiling this new technology said “Passengers should be able to get from curb to boarding gate with dignitythat means without stopping, stripping or unpacking, and certainly not groping.

On Iscon’s website under “Applications” it proudly proclaims: “Finally, a safe airport passenger scanner that has no radiation, no privacy issues and eliminates the need for aggressive pat downs.”

(emphasis mine)

For those scoring at home: if you’re going to question the safety of the backscatter machines or the invasiveness of the body searches, be sure to be a privately held corporation with a competing technology for sale.  Instead of being branded a domestic extremist and have your personal information dumped into the “bad citizen” database, you’ll get awarded billion dollar contracts!!

And the U.S. airports who are currently ripping out their security checkpoints for million dollar remodels to install the backscatter machines: Pistole says “punk’d ya too!”

In a functional Democracy our elected representatives would put a halt to all airport check-point modifications until the true efficacy of the procedures being rushed into place are evaluated and the American people allowed a true voice in what this future will look like.

A computer chip embedded into my national ID card determining if I’m a good citizen or bad as defined by the publically funded privatized Security State not my first choice, as my regular use of a certain beauty product would likely land me in the “Falafel-Lover/Bottle Blonde/Danger Danger Will Robinson” line.  And that is a line too far.


(countdown to Pistole’s resignation to become a highly paid consultant to a homeland security company to be named at a later date begins…now!)








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