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Late Night: Bachlin Pamann Morondrive

Sarah Bachmann and Michele Palin are having a slap fight of some sort, over something like who loves Jesus and waterboarding more, or maybe over whose head is emptier, so it can spin around like Linda Blair’s in The Exorcist faster. And scarier!

There apparently exist “details” about this little spat, but if you’re looking for “details” in anything ever uttered by either Bachlin or Pamann, well, that’s like looking for chocolate chunks in the puppy puke. Maybe you’ll find them, but they’re sure to be smelly. Best to leave the hunt for such “details” to the Politico, which never, ever has anything better to do.

Which is not however to say that it’s not entertaining to watch specimens such as a certain demented cheerleader start sobbing into her Twitter:

Oh for sad. It’s always the kiddies who suffer the most when their meth-mommies start spitting yellowy tooth fragments at each other, or else hurling bottles full of vitriolic if incomprehensible verbiage.

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