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I heard this line before it didn’t work before so why does Time think it will work this time?


Pratt & Whitney has a new jet engine its fuel efficient the Tech is so cutting edge it will blow the competition away buy this stock now/s (snark tag)


the PurePower engine goes by the initials GTF, which stand for geared turbo fan. It’s a leapfrog technology that promises a 16% better fuel burn and carbon emissions and a 50% reduction in noise. Knapp Carney works on a section of it called a bearing compartment.,8599,2072437,00.html

Don’t buy this stock I have heard this line before…from Time.


Boeing’s unveiling of the new 787 Dreamliner, auspiciously timed for 7/8/07, drew a crowd of 15,000 employees and their guests to Boeing’s Everett, Wash., facility in a manner fitting for what is the most successful, fuel-efficient commercial jetliner in history. To date, 47 carriers have ordered 677 of the planes. Carbon fiber composites make up 50% of the plane’s material by weight (compared with only 12% in Boeing’s last released jetliner, the 777), enabling Boeing to offer cost savings and more passenger comfort to airlines.

Why the fanfare? Boeing is confident that the advantages offered by the Dreamliner for passengers, airlines and the environment is a winning combo. And a lot of it is thanks to the plane’s composite construction. Optimally, the 787 will get 100 miles per gallon per seat, compared to the 76 passenger miles per gallon of a 767. Air filters will reduce the smell of fuel.,8599,1641341,00.html

Then something bad happened to turn Boeing’s stockholders’s dreams of wealth to ashes what happened was Outsourcing.



Boeing had originally planned for a first flight by the end of August 2007 and premiered the first 787 at a rollout ceremony on July 8, 2007, which matches the aircraft’s designation in the US-style month-day-year format (7/8/07).[45] However, the aircraft’s major systems had not been installed at that time, and many parts were attached with temporary non-aerospace fasteners requiring their later replacement with flight fasteners.[46] Although intended to shorten the production process, 787 subcontractors initially had difficulty completing the extra work, because they could not procure the needed parts, perform the subassembly on schedule, or both, leaving remaining assembly work for Boeing to complete as “traveled work”

On September 5, Boeing announced a three-month delay, blaming a shortage of fasteners as well as incomplete software.[50] On October 10, 2007, a second three-month delay to the first flight and a six-month delay to first deliveries was announced due to problems with the foreign and domestic supply chain, including an ongoing fastener shortage, the lack of documentation from overseas suppliers, and continuing delays with the flight guidance software.[51][52][53] Less than a week later, Mike Bair, the 787 program manager was replaced.[54] On January 16, 2008, Boeing announced a third three-month delay to the first flight of the 787, citing insufficient progress on “traveled work”.[55] On March 28, 2008, in an effort to gain more control over the supply chain, Boeing announced that it planned to buy Vought Aircraft Industries’ interest in Global Aeronautica;[56] the company later agreed to also purchase Vought’s North Charleston, S.C. factory.[57]


My bold its so sad that Boeing had to take over and buy a subcontractor’s factory in an American Right to Work State, what ever Boeing’s problem’s with all its Non Union subcontractors apparently the problems in a Right to Work State Non Union factory were even worse.

But what does that have to do with Pratt & Whitney?

There will be hundreds of suppliers for the engine, ranging from United Technologies’ Hamilton Sundstrand division to Sweden’s Volvo.

Pratt & Whitney president David Hess admits that the PurePower engine is very much a bet-the-company proposition.,8599,2072437-2,00.html


My Bold Pratt & Whitney is making the exact same mistakes Boeing did and their President admits this engine is a Bet the Company Proposition.


Do we have any reason to believe that Pratt & Whitney can be successful where Boeing was not?

Yes there is they can do what Apple did Wage Slave Labor and work their workers so hard they choose to die rather than wait till payday to quit! More Money More Money when employees kill themselves before cashing their last paycheck.


Ma Xiang Qian was 19 years old when, according to police reports, he plunged to his death from a high building in the Foxconn dormitories on Jan. 23. He had been working at the company for just 73 days.

He’s one of 10 company employees to die this year at the electronics company’s Shenzhen complex, drawing criticism from the Chinese government and demands that Foxconn, which works with electronics giants like Apple, Nokia and Dell, improve the conditions for the more than 400,000 employees who work there.

The company said it would train counselors and set up a hotline for troubled employees, and provide opportunities for more leisure activities.

It has even started putting up nets around buildings, designed to catch workers who decide to jump. Workers were also installing wire barriers across open balconies on high floors at Foxconn dormitories.

Can Pratt & Whitney be as truly evil as Apple? Will they learn from Apple and put up Suicide Nets outside their factories before employees start jumping?

Will they learn from Apple and refuse to tell the Press who and where they get their parts from so incase workers start jumping the Press can’t link it to Pratt & Whitney?

Will Pratt & Whitney avoid subcontracting any parts in Right to Work American factories because they just can’t match the quality of Suicidal Chinese workers? I mean having to buy a subcontractor’s entire factory because Management can’t deliver what they promise is not only sad but expensive and wastes production time which costs you even more money.

Investor’s want to know these questions. Not that I am invested or shorting this stock, I would short but I fear Obama would bail them out.

Me I would feel much better if  Pratt & Whitney just paid Union Wages, built the planes all in America and got the job done on time. Airlines around the world are talking about getting their money back from Boeing now because of late delivery of promised planes.

Hat Tip to Margaret for turning me on to this story:)




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