Well this is something which doesn’t happen very often .. thank goodness. My hometown (and current) Danbury, CT is slowly making the LGBT spotlight as being less than LGBT friendly, at least as perceived by a former employee of Danbury City Hall.

This all started and came to light this past Sunday when the Hartford Courant and subsequently also its sister medium FOX-CT (channel 61) ran a story about Jason Page a radio sportscaster here in Connecticut whose show The Back Page Live was carried on ESPN Radio station WPOP-AM in Hartford until January. In the front page feature he kicked open the closet door and announced I’m Queer And Here. Must be something in the water at ESPN affiliate radio stations as Page follows ESPN Radio in NYC Jared Max who came out last month.

Now if that’s all there was to the story we’d stop here boys and girls … but there’s more !

You see kids aside from giving his coming out story, which you should read by the way in the link above (ran a story) Page whose real name is Jason Gontarek, worked for about six months back in 2002 as the communications director for the City of Danbury and it’s during this short term of employment that Page claims Mayor Mark Boughton and Boughton’s former chief of staff Michael McLachlan, who is now a CT state Senator, found out shortly after Page started working that Page was … oh clutch my shiny pearlsa homosexual ! and according to Page was told by them that he should have told them he was gay before they hired him, this according to the local print sheet here in Danbury, The News-Times.

Well bust my bloomers … Mayor Mark Boughton one of my Facebook pals who I see in town off and on, wished me well after my car accident and hip operations and who has no problem with me being part of the LGBT community telling someone that they should have told him, et al that he wuz de gay ?  I’m not going to say that Page isn’t telling the truth I just .. well you could knock me over with a feather that Mayor Boughton would say something like that. McLachlan I don’t know because I don’t know the man. I am at the very least, and mind you if true that Mayor Mark would pull an anti-gay stunt like that, disappointed to hear it.

In quotes in The News-Times article Page says that while he never had any direct problems from then and current Mayor Boughton the same could not be said of McLachlan, “He was very cold to me,” Page said. “The second McLachlan found out I was gay, he didn’t want me there anymore.”

“I don’t remember the conversation he’s talking about,” Boughton said. “It was nine years ago.” Boughton is quoted in the article.

“There are people who are gay that work in various parts of the administration, and it doesn’t and shouldn’t impact their ability to do the job,” Boughton said. “It’s performance and results that count.” Now that’s the Mayor Mark that I know.

After this is posted I’ll scoot off a copy to Mayor Mark and not that he has to add anything in regards to the accusations of Page, if he does I’ll add them to this posting.

So yes it’s nice to see someone come out of the closet but why wait until now, nine years after the fact to complain about City Hall when you could have legally done something way back when. I’m just asking boys and girls, just asking.

Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans