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Dumpster Diving: Our First Video

Hello Firedoglake!

Here is our first attempt at taping one our dives.

This was a very full dumpster at a charity in our area. Masoninblue, who is half-naked in his cameo movie appearance, and I pass the camera back and forth in an effort to have everyone running for the Advil.

Actually, do us a favor. Don’t watch this thing. Write a blog, have a snack, go for a walk, do anything, just do yourself a favor and…oh well.

Here are the highlights:

We dive for survival because we are unemployed and the economy sucks.

At one point in the video, the charity worker says she does not want us to get cut in there. I tell her that I have been doing this for many a year, which is true, and that I have never been cut, which is a bald-faced lie. At the same charity in a different location a few years back, I damned near severed a finger. Here is how it happened:

I found a Cuisinart, gathered up all the parts, and placed them in an already-too-full black 30-gallon bag. Tied it off and heaved it over the side. The Cuisinart blade caught my thumb, but by that time the bag was under the influence of gravity. My thumb, now married to the blade, went with the bag, over the side.

In this very video as you can see, even as I am lying, I have two small cuts, one on my hand and the other on my arm,  and so I retrieve a handy bottle of peroxide from this one-stop metal shopping mall and throw it over the side.

But no need for this nice charity worker to know all of that nonsense. She was very sweet.

The encyclopedia set we found is entitled International Library of Music. Some of the set was published in the 50s and the rest in the 60s, and the books seem to be instructional and complicated; in some cases containing only composition. Actually I just looked these things up on Amazon and I am quite shocked at their value. You guys should check it out. As you can hear, the books reminded us of Kelly Canfield, ubetchaiam, markfromireland and other musicians at this site.These books are in exquisite condition, as you can see.

After the video ends I continue to rape and pillage like a madman looking for the rest of the music books.

I came across and retrieved a book called M.C.  Escher 22 Master Prints published in 1981, that sold for 16.95, and is large, laminated and in color. I am afraid to look at Amazon again just now. We filmed a second clip but I am not posting it because I do not want to scare anyone to death.

The toy reminded me of Doremus35.

We hope you have enjoyed this dive, or at least that you are not deaf and reeling from seasickness after watching a couple of old, scantily clothed bag people mangle a twelve-minute documentary.

And also, we hope to advance our goal of being a voice for the poor, offering tips, and getting Bill Egnor to dumpster dive and then blog about it.

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