Ace O’ Spade’s Growing Interest In Man Penis

Although it would be easy to give all the credit to Andrew Breitbart and his Merry Band of Breitards for saving America from unfettered Congressional penis spam flying willy-nilly about the internets, special thanks should be given to intrepid blogger Ace O’ Spades who went 24/7 dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick while the rest of America was going to work, falling in love, hanging out with friends, growing old, and,along with God and Bobby Goldsboro, watching Scotty grow . Never one for doing anything half-assed when full-assed was called for, Ace rode the Weiner penis story, and he rode it hard.

What makes this so special is that Ace has previously maintained a somewhat strained, one might say adversarial, relationship with genitalia of the human variety. In fact there was a time when he was completely unconcerned with whatever shenanigans played out in the lower latitudes:

Who Gives A Rat’s Ass: Sen. David Vitter Implicated In DC Madam’s Phone Records, Apologies For Error In His Past

Eh. The only thing that will ruin you is being caught with a dead girl or live boy.

No one’s claiming the escorts are dead.

Ergo, I don’t care.


But seriously, what causes this? Well, first, normal human nature. Including humans’ drives to act in selfish but self-destructive ways. A strong dose of arrogance (most of the people in Washington have never, ever lost a single campaign for office — that’s how they got to Washington!) verging on believing they’re untouchable only compounds that. Someone who’s never really had to pay for bad behavior will be inclined to commit more bad behavior.

Toss in the general low ethics and morality of DC and buddy system of politicians protecting each other and even recommending whores to each other and you’ve got a Sex Panther level stink of licentiousness and entitlement.

But really, who cares? It’s his wife’s and family’s problem, not mine. It’s time to MoveOn.org.

I guess this is what the kids mean when they say, “Pics or it didn’t happen“….

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