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Obama, Straight Man; “Who’s on first?”

“He (Obama) can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the black people most of the time all of the racist Tea party people all of the time (they still think he is a socialist) and a few liberals half the time.”

I just learned that Obama could order little Timmy Geithner to pay the bills in such a way that the republicans who have chosen to hold raising the debt ceiling hostage as they did unemployment benefits would take the brunt of said cuts in their states. Knowing Obama’s pattern, he will not do this. Personally, I could give less than a rats rear end about paying off these filthy rich global investors. But, within the context of the “rigged” world we find ourselves in Obama and his covert Republican buddies have already layed down the “over-lay for the under-play.”

Who is on first

Remember how Bud Abbott was Lou Costello’s “straight man”? For years a assumed that Costello was leading the laughs and Abbott was just along for the ride.

“Relations between the two partners had been strained for years. In their early burlesque days, their salaries were split 60%-40%, favoring Abbott, because the straight man was always viewed as the more valuable member of the team. That was changed to 50%-50% after they became burlesque stars.”

“The straight man was always viewed as the more valuable member of the team.” Obama is as good a straight man as Abbott (with a lot of help from the fake liberal corporate media). Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, Joe (“you lie”) Wilson…. all play the corporate media role of Lou Costello. Misdirection and disinformation provides cover while both sides working for the same corporate masters execute two sides of the same plan. “who’s on first?”

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