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NPA could profit from a Full Court Press shotgun approach in 2012 – True or False?

(Note: background for this diary is “A FaceBook discussion with an Obama supporter” by Alan Maki, who is on the steering committee of the New Progressive Alliance (NPA).)

This diary is presented mostly to stimulate a debate that, IMO, should be had by NPA steering committee and members. The Full Court Press(FCP) was a plan to apply pressure on the Democratic Party by a strategy of a “death of thousand cuts”. Basically, FCP looked to run 435 even minimalist candidates in Democratic primaries for House of Representatives. The point wasn’t so much to win (at least in the first iteration), but rather to change the political dynamics of the DP in a progressive direction, and also spur the growth of a longer-lasting progressive organization or movement. You can listen to an interview of Full Court Press founder jeffroby, by “Frank”, here.

NPA is currently only declaring an intention to run a primary against Obama in 2012. However, I question whether that is optimal. If NPA was willing to field minimal candidates, ala FCP, and in large numbers, also ala FCP, but with an NPA-type commitment about how candidates should behave with respect to general elections, then I believe that NPA’s growth and exposure would be greatly accelerated. Following the strategy described for the Presidential election, minimalist NPA Candidates must commit to supporting an NPA approved candidate in the general election (not the Democrat that they lost to in the primary). If there is no NPA candidate to run in the general, then the losing primary candidate might simply say, “I do not support the winner of my Democratic Party primary, as the Democratic Party is corrupt and my challenger is another go-along-to-get-along career politician, who doesn’t give a hoot about you. So, vote however you think best, and may God have mercy!” Such a concession speech, alone, will probably make the papers in a quarter of the country. 🙂

If I was a Democratic Pary apparatchik, I think I’d be much less concerned about NPA only focusing on the Presidential race in 2012, rather than Presidential race plus 435 House of Representatives’ races….

I’ve placed a few ads for Democratic challengers to Obama in craigslist, and have gotten, I’d say, at least 10 positive responses. My expectation is that it’d be even easier to get people to run for Congress than for President, especially if you emphasize the minimalism-permitted aspect of the races.

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