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IDF: Only a ‘Few’ Live Bullets Fired

Today’s Haaretz…

IDF: Only a few live bullets fired during Naksa Day protest on Syria border

IDF investigation into Sunday’s violent clashes reveal that the IDF used extremely limited fire against the protesters; Syria reports that 23 protesters were killed by IDF fire.

…Senior IDF officials told Haaretz that the army’s operation was carried out in a way to reduce the number of injuries among the protesters.

According to the IDF inquiry, a number of Syrian protesters had been killed when Molotov cocktails which the protesters had been throwing set off an anti-tank minefield, near the border town of Quneitra.

The IDF said that since all the casualties were on the Syrian side of the border it was unable to provide an exact count, but it expressed great skepticism about the Syrian figures. Soldiers fired “with precision” at the bottom half of the bodies of the protesters, the army said…

Thank goodness they weren’t aiming for their heads, eh…?

Naturally… IDF fears continued Palestinian infiltration on Syria border…

Today, Max Blumenthal, totally blew the lid off of the Hasbara ‘spin’…

On Naksa Day, unarmed resistance sends Israel into violent contortions

…In the hours following the bloodshed, the Israeli response grew increasingly contorted. Army spokespeople claimed the demonstrators “were responsible for their own deaths,” claiming they stepped on landmines. No evidence of landmine deaths was provided by the unnamed military sources, only conjecture. Next, Israel turned to its favorite Syrian cut-out in Washington, Farid Ghadry, an AIPAC member and discredited “serial entrepreneur” who is widely regarded as the Syrian version of Ahmed Chalabi — Ghadry actually met Chalabi in Richard Perle’s living room. In a statement published on the website of his astro-turfed Reform Party of Syria, Ghadry claimed that the protesters at Quneitra were not actual Palestinian refugees, but impoverished “Syrian farmers” who had been paid $1000 each by the Assad regime just to show up, and $10,000 to die. Ghadry claimed he gleaned the information from “intelligence sources close to the Assad regime in Lebanon.” […]

…By this logic, Israel is trying to calibrate its approach to the anti-Assad protests, taking into account the fact that the opposition movement is likely to be more antagonistic to it than Assad has been. The military-intelligence apparatus will determine how and when Israel responds, seeking to derive maximum gain from Syria’s internal crisis. But since the Arab Spring arrived on Israel’s doorstep, Israel’s strategy has depended on lethal violence and little else. And it may be that it has no other strategy, that there is no Plan B…

Meanwhile, the Settlement building continues apace…

Israel Prepares To Approve 4100 New Units For Israeli Settlers In East Jerusalem

The Israeli Interior Ministry, and the so-called Construction and Planning Committee, are preparing to officially approve 4100 units for Jewish settlers in occupied East Jerusalem…

That Palestinian Pizza Pie is rapidly dwindling…!

Any wonder why the Palestinians are pissed…?


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