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Anthony Weiner 4pm ET Press Conference

Starting shortly.

Breitbart talking now, says he has another photo, but doesn’t have plans to release it.  It appears Breitbart was just “in the neighborhood,” came down, walked up on stage and started talking at Weiner’s press conference.  Thinks Weiner owes him an apology.  Wow.

Weiner:  Wasn’t hacked.  Sent the tweet out, panicked and said he was hacked.  Has had text and phone relationships with six women, some before but some after his marriage.  No physical relationship.

Not thinking about the next election.  Most important thing is to make sure this never happens again, and make it up to his wife and family.  Wife did not know until this morning that he had not been telling the truth about the Twitter episode.

Apologizes to Brietbart.

“My wife is not here.”  Well, give him that:  he didn’t make her do the walk of shame with him.

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