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Anthony Wiener Admits Sexting and On-Line Conversations

Okay so I’ve been watching Rep. Anthony Wiener doing something more than a little rare and amazing in modern American politics. He came out and not only apologized for lying about the twitter photo of his penis, but admitted that he had done this kind of thing before and was sorry that he had.

There has not been an once of an attempt to push the blame on someone else. No I am sorry if my actions offended, no I am a drunk or a drug users. He just straight up admitted to a personal weakness that he regretted.

What happened was he was meaning to send a personal message and tweeted it instead. Then he panicked about this because he had other relationships like this that might become public. When the lie became untenable he came out to come clean. He never had sex with these women, but it was inappropriate and he regrets it.

He said he has no intent of resigning. He is going to leave it up to the constituents to decide. He broke down several times, but he does not see that he violated the rules of the House or his oath of office. He does think that it is a major personal failing.

Now there are issues with politicians getting involved with much younger women (the power disparity) but at the same time everyone involved in it was an adult. Adults do dumb things with sex and they do (everyone has) lie about it. What is different here, at least to me, is that he is not making excuses. He, late admittedly, owning his actions, all of them.

That is what integrity looks like. Having integrity is not about never making mistakes, that is beyond human. Integrity is about owning the mistakes when your realize they are indeed mistakes. If this is something that he continues to do then it might be different, but right now he is saying he regrets what he did and wishes that he had not done it, and will endeavor to not do it again.

If more of our politicians were willing to do this on a more than issues like a scandal like this the nation would be in far better shape.

Let’s put this in perspective, Rep. Wiener did something that tens of thousands of people do everyday. It is not like he, oh I don’t know, illegally tortured people, outted a CIA covert operative or tried to use the power of the Federal Government for political purposes. He has not broken the law, he has only broken faith with people, but he is owning his mistakes, not avoiding them.

That is integrity in action. It is regrettable that he lied, but all leave the throwing of the first stones, to those who have never lied about sex in their lives.

The floor is yours.

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