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A letter for Cassandra

Hi Cassandra

Sorry for the mix up ,we thought Obama was Apollo son Asclepius .It probably  does matter to you. Turn out he just another lying politician name Dolomite.  Nothing much have changed. Dolomite is now President Of The United state.He received a Nobel Peace prize on Layaway. I believed that awarding committee should be drug tested.One of Dolomite’s’ Made-man Leon Panetta (aka Little Henery The chicken Hawk) killed  Osama Bin Laden . Of course he had to got Papa Bush(old man Bush) permission. You know Osama Father and Papa Bush was good friend. But It had to be done.Dolomite said he want to send a massage to goat f7e7eks , the pop the magic negro singers(rush Limbaugh and his sycophantic Ilks), and The Birthers  Crowd. He told Little Henery The Chicken Hawk to shoot him in the face and chest in front of his woman(wives) to make a point. Dolomite  gave special instruction for Dr. Deaths’ Kill team to bring  back Osama Viagra and Porn .He said with all this killing and Deportation(So-call illegal Mexican  Americans) and lying its taking its toll on a man sex drive. He told Little Henery The Chicken Hawk to delivery a massage to President Karzai, to get back on his meds or he will be sleeping with the fishes too.I do not think Dolomite got Poseidon permission to dump Osama body in his sea. If that the case, he has a real big problem. What left of the middle class is using their time on to find their rich relatives linkage .The Last Liberal is still stuck in the Brier Patch of History. The Progressive, I think suffer from some form of Schizophrenia. They keep changing their name. The Democrats in Congress with their sheepish grin  along with their Co-Conspirators The Republicans  are  putting the Archimedes’ screw to the poor and the working poor..If you thought only the gods could get blood from a turnip,you haven’t encounter this group .

The Right have started a new religion called Bodineism. Ellie Mae and Jethro child name Sara Palin gave rise to this new religion. The Tea  party is full of Bodineism. They elected their first true Disciple Ran Paul from The State OF Kentucky . He was so happy you could knock him over with a bag of The kernel fried chicken feet.The State of Kentucky is known for The Kentucky Derby, Its great lair-er Mitch McConnell and Bodineism. The Right slowly coming down off its Crystal meth high of disinformation and propaganda and converting to Bodineism. You can see it in Yosemite Sam(Wolf Blitzer)   propaganda reports daily.

Dolomite(Obama) is having  problems with his base. He can not rely on the Psycho Rat Rahm Emmanuel  any more. He left town. He  is now The Mayor of Chicago . Serve them right for sending us that scoundrel . Obama  rely s on a small time ambulance chaser Al Sharpton  who thinks a part of Dolomite use to be base is crazy.  Someone should tell him he is not “Ike” and the  CBC  is not his Tina Turner.  He went to some diatribe about what President was trying to do. Some one should ask his buddies  Ed Shultz , Chris Matthews  what with all this praise and flattery of Obama policies?  Is Obama  their date for the high school junior prom. They did everything except pin a corsage on him . It just  sicking .This is the same soup Du-ya was serving.   Its just a different spoon(Obama).  Some of us refuse to smoke the crack pipe of disinformation and propaganda . We are the  the outcast.To us that a good thing. Rachel (MSNBC) ,  we were are still In Iraq. We are still in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We started another war in Libya .Git-mo is still open. Bradley Manning is still in Jail. We Extended The Patriot Act again and again.We got Secret laws about secret laws. We are forced to buy something the insurance company put together, The To Big to Fail  is still To Big To fail.  The economy is still comatose . I know to the Gods we are just comic dust of there own creation. We do have our moments. I will write again soon.



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