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Sunday Talking Heads: June 5, 2011

Peek! (photo: twolf1)

Good Morning! Isn’t that tree swallow a cutie?

Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin‘s the FDL Book Salon selection for today (5pm ET), with Mudflats and Shannyn Moore. Lisa Derrick offers up Save the Farm, revisiting the eviction of growers from LA’s South Central Farm, Monday at 8pm ET.  Please join us.

Oh, and nyceve and McJoan will be Virtually Speaking tonight, 9pm ET.

Now, behold the talking heads! (if Chris Wallace doesn’t call out Palin on her most ignorant revision of Paul Revere’s ride, why I’ll . . .)

Washington Journal.

ABC’s This Week: “New unemployment numbers released Friday reveal significantly less growth than many economists predicted, leaving the White House to defend its economic recovery plan to a weary nation.” Presidential advisor Austan GoolsbeeEconomic Roundtable: 2008 Nobel Prize-winning economist, Paul Krugman of The New York Times, chief economist of the Chamber of Commerce Martin Regalia and Chrystia Freeland of Thomson Reuters. 2012 Roundtable: Mark McKinnon, Jonathan Karl, Dee Dee Myers, Herman Cain. Then, Marwan Muasher, the former Foreign Minister of Jordan, on the unrest in the Middle East.

CBS’ Face The Nation: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS).

CNN State of the Union: “A dismal May jobs report paints a bleak economic picture for a president in search of re-election.” Presidential advisor Austan Goolsbee.  Then, former director of the Office of Management and Budget, Alice Rivlin, and former director of the Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Holtz-Eakin.  Next, Ron Paul. Finally, Anita Dunn and Ed Gillespie.

Chris Matthews: He won the White House as the insurgent, so how will Barack Obama win again as the incumbent? Can Republicans run for President while running from interviews?

Fareed Zakaria – GPS: Economists Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University, and Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard. “What to do about U.S. debt? How will a disappointing job market affect growth?” Then, Egypt with Essam El Erian, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Finally, Nathan Myhrvold on, among other things, “his plans to create a safer, cleaner nuclear plant for the future.”

Fox News Sunday: Sarah PalinRoundtable: Bill Kristol, Mara Liasson, Kimberly Strassel, Jon Podesta.

NBC’s Meet The Press: Pre-empted by the French Open.

Newsmakers: Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI). On the news that the monthly jobs report showed that the economy added a mere 54,000 jobs last month, Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI), Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee, expressed concern about the sluggish recovery, but dismissed concerns about a double-dip recession…

Q & A: James Grant, author of the new biography of Thomas Reed, Speaker of the House from 1889 to 1891 and again from 1895 to 1899. During that time he increased the power of the Speaker and, according to Grant, “changed forever the way the House of Representatives does its business.” He did this by establishing the power of majority rule instead of allowing the minority to hold up consideration or passage of legislation…

Religion & Ethics.

60 Minutes: The Speed Traders – A rare look inside the secretive world “high-frequency trading,” a controversial technique the SEC is scrutinizing in which computers can make thousands of stock trades in less than a second. City of David – Lesley Stahl reports from under the city of Jerusalem from a controversial archeological dig that has become a flashpoint in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Lady Gaga – With her outrageous costumes and mega hit dance songs, Lady Gaga has become the world’s most talked about entertainer.

To The Contrary: Topics: 1- Do anti-obesity laws create a nanny state? 2- Will Sarah Palin change how campaigns are run in the future? 3- Kah Walla–Cameroon Female Presidential Candidate. Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Lara Brown, Linda Chavez, Wendy Wright.

Univision’s Al PuntoBill Richardson, Former Governor of New Mexico and Antonio Saca, Former President of El Salvador, Special Guests to the OAS International Observers Delegation; Cesar Gaviria, Former President of Colombia; Guillermo Chacon, Latino Commission on AIDS and Daniel Leyva, AIDS Patient.

Virtually Speaking: Joan McCarter & Eve Gittleson. McJoan and nyceve discuss health care and the US Congress, 9pm ET.

C-SPAN’s Book TV: In-Depth with Eric Posner.

FDL Book Salon: Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years. “This explosive, up-close view of Sarah Palin comes from an inner-circle confidant who shares surprising information about how Sarah dealt with staff and perceived ‘enemies,’ and the discrepancy between what she said and what she did.” Come chat with Jeanne Devon “Mudflats” about her new book. Hosted by Shannyn Moore, 5pm ET.

FDL Movie Night Monday: Save the Farm with guest Michael Kuehnert. “June 13, 2011 marks the five-year “anniversary” of the eviction of the farmers from the South Central Farm in downtown Los Angeles, and was the subject of one of our first Movie Night discussions. Now FDL Movie Night presents the follow up: Award-winning documentary short film Save The Farm.”

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